Is Monogamy Unnatural?


For whatever reason, I found myself watching this video on Youtube called “Why They Killed Sam Cooke” which posited a fascinating theory on the demise of the R&B legend when outta nowhere, the video’s host goes on this rant against monogamy.

Well ok, I’m thinking, I mean, it did tie in to his greater point which was that Sam Cooke should have never married, but I was really in the mood for more conspiracy, less anti-Judeo-Christian doctrine of which I’m personally host to enough of, thank you very much.

Still, his point did get me thinking.

I mean, I’m reading this fantastic book right now called Swoon by Betsy Prioleau and although it’s fascinating to encounter the stories of some of history’s greatest seducers, what becomes troubling is when you consider how many of these dude’s conquests were already married!

And believe me, it’s been years, probably since childhood, that I believed the bullshit about men being naturally less faithful than women, but still, seeing it in print may not be the healthiest thing for any guy considering marriage to encounter.

None other than Camille Paglia herself made the brilliant point that women should be naturally more promiscuous if only because through natural selection, she’d be giving herself the best chance at reproducing with an Alpha adding, “What women have to realize is their own dominance as a sex.”

But since, as it’s being argued with more and more frequency, we’ve been conditioned to think that monogamy is natural, we’ve also been conditioned to think that the violators of this natural law are almost exclusive always men.

And I’ve said it before that – to me at least – the rational man is the guy that, once he gets his bitch, to quote Pretty Tony, has got his bitch and then adjusts his pursuits to having the car of his dreams and the house of his dreams and maybe endeavoring into the arts or sciences or whatever his childhood fantasy was before adulthood and maturity made him simply get his ass a job.

It’s been, to me, a very weak man whose insecurities have had him still chasing pussy when he had a solid bitch at home.

But maybe that’s the problem.

According to Ms. Prioleau, the majority of the women that get or got seduced were seduced from “routine” relationships where maybe the dude had gotten comfortable – at least sexually – and figuring he now had a “hole” didn’t think that hole required the same attention as an acquisition that it did as an aspiration and a prize.

And make no mistake, it is the Christian doctrine that more or less forced Western though into accepting the idea of monogamy as not only practical but also morally correct.

Or maybe Plato was right in Symposium.

Maybe each of us as individuals are just halves cleaved out of a formerly multi-sexed whole and that the idea of “soul mates” is just us wandering around in search of our true other “half”.

Could be.

If that is, indeed, the situation, that would at least make the case for the reason that monogamy seems so tough.

I mean, just like a pair of jeans that you see on the rack, how would you know if you’ve found your true other half in a person unless you tried them on first?

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