Scottie Pippen’s Wife, Future and Why EVERYBODY Cheats But Men Can’t Forgive


Hilarious that this should be the topic the day after I wrote “Is Monogamy Unnatural?” and all, but such is life, I guess.

And of course, I’m always amazed when anybody finds out that the person they’re with is cheating on them.

Are you that sloppy?

You must have wanted them to know.

But interestingly – and this goes well beyond the, I’m guessing, fact that Future is fucking Scottie Pippen’s soon to be ex-wife Larsa – that we should have a Presidential candidate, a woman named Hillary Clinton, that was also cheated on and, depending on what you believe, a lot, and she stood by her man.

Women, as a rule, stand by their man if he cheats but men run like Lamar Jackson from the women that cheat on us and why is that?

Well, it’s for a few reasons actually.

The first one is the simplest; insecurity.

Coupled, of course, with the notion that another man fucked your woman is the idea that he might have even fucked her better.

The second is that while there are women for whom her man’s cheating just confirms his desirability and makes him, in some ways, hotter than ever, men that get cheated on can’t seem to help seeing our woman as somehow tainted.

A third reason is that an unfaithful woman is seen as her man’s weakness.

He couldn’t have been fucking her right if she cheated.

Yet another reason is that too many men still believe that “good” girls don’t even really like sex.

Men have a tendency to either think that sex is a concession our women make just for us in particular or that sex is something our women can only enjoy with us in particular.

And women are all too often arbiters of this bullshit when they pretend that nobody else, not even a top celebrity does it for them and they would turn anybody down if offered a shot for one night, Drake, LeBron, Future, Justin Beiber, Channing Tatum, Obama, whoever.

It’s all yours baby, she’ll tell your fool ass if by “all” she means 5-10 minutes out of a 24 hour day every three, four days or so.

The rest of the time, you know, she’s not even thinking about sex.

And the last reason men can’t forgive women for cheating is that, atheist or not, a man does believe in his mother.

And if she was any kind of mother at all, meaning, if there was food on the table once in a while and a bill might get paid every so often and lord forbid a nigga should ever get new sneakers, then the Virgin Mary could’t surpass his mom in terms of perfection.

And now with “perfect” as the archetype for the only kind of woman he could deal with, any woman that, by her actions, proves otherwise by doing something like cheating, has just violated a trust that goes back a man’s entire lifespan.

Camille Paglia herself said that “The man who finds his true wife has found his mother.”

That being the case, if you look at most mother/son relationships, you’ll find niggas that worship their mothers and niggas that hate the bitch.

What you’ll hardly find is the man that can take a level-eyed look at his mother and see both the virtues and the flaws.

He’s a rare man indeed.

The kind that might – might – be able to forgive a woman for cheating.

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