Trick Daddy’s Circular Logic


Only certain niggas would rather have a copy than the original.

I made sure to include the word “certain” in that last sentence because if I hadn’t, I’d be as guilty of generalization as Trick Daddy.

Ah, Trick Daddy; a Florida rapper that’s actually made one incredible song of note, had the nerve to be trending yesterday because of, as Richard Pryor has intoned, something he said.

In a video it seems he recorded himself, he argued that Black women needed to “tighten up” because allegedly, white girls and Spanish girls are hot on their tails – pardon the pun – and that if they “fuck around and learn how to fry chicken” Black women are “useless”.

And while, ok, you can never argue with a man for suggesting that anybody needs to tighten up because the truth is that we all do and all the time, the obvious problem with Trick’s statement is that he’s suggesting that Black women need to tighten up in relation to white and Spanish women.

In other words, Black women need to improve to keep pace with the obvious improvements already made by white and Spanish women.

Worse yet, what’s mostly implied by Trick is that the kind of improvements that white and Spanish women have already made are the kind that cut into the natural differences – advantages? – that Black women have in relation to other women.

I mean, it’s no secret that white and Spanish women are getting butt jobs that ape that natural look of a Black woman’s body and that white women are tanning and that, hey, everybody is immersed in Black culture nowadays as far as dancing and knowing every rap lyric is concerned, so with this understood, when Trick Daddy emerges to suggest that Black women “tighten up”, one has to wonder if he’s suggesting that they become even blacker Black women!

And how would that even be possible?

When athletes leave for the off season in their respective sports, they usually have in mind a series of exercises intended for maintenance as well as a laundry list of things they plan on improving.

Like, let’s say LeBron James didn’t like his jumper from around 18 feet last season, that would be the thing that he worked the hardest on in the off season.

If he went into the off season thinking, “Damn, I really need to play more like LeBron James”, he’d have descended into madness.

It’s bad enough that Black women are already so fucked in the head that in addition to their overwhelming Eurocentric style of dress that all of us as Americans are naturally inclined toward, but those that can afford it still get shit like nose jobs, some lighten their skin and damn near all of them wear their hair in a way that’s unlike the way it naturally grows.

And all this is done to ape white women; real white women, the kind that white men find beautiful and not the kind that Chris Rock hilariously but honestly suggests that too many Black men are interested in or that Trick Daddy thinks are gaining on Black women.

And that’s the funniest/saddest/weirdest part:

As I’ve said before, if I’m getting a white girl, get me a Rachel McAdams or Katy Perry, but whatever the case, something that runs totally counter to my taste in Black women.

Otherwise, I’d be like the fool that had the money for whatever he wanted and bought the Buick because of how similar it was to a Cadillac.

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