To Holla or Not to Holla: When Shooting Your Shot Becomes Harassment

Personally, I always holla at a bad chick.

Well no, that’s not fair. When I’m single, I do.

The Daily News just published a story which says that more than half the women that jog get harassed.

That’s right up my alley because just today, there was this obscenely fine dark-skinned joint with a ridiculous bubble and when she spun and she was standing, me sitting, but we’d come face-to-face, I said the first thing that came to mind.

“Are you from this planet?”

Cheesy but sincere. It was as if she’d beamed down from somewhere that women that fine were commonplace cause the likes of her damn sure don’t happen often on earth.

She laughed, I laughed, the guy sitting at the table with me looked on in dumb amazement and after she’d finished packing her stuff to leave, she turned again and wished me a nice day.

“That was a good one,” the guy at my table said to me. I sorta shrugged. Didn’t get her number or anything.

Still, all I ever do is talk. Try to come up with something clever – it’s always better when it’s inspired – and if the response ain’t in the spirit of my intention or there’s no response at all, I always make sure my follow-up is just as upbeat as my initial salvo.

No “well then fuck you bitch!” coming from me.

I can’t even imagine grabbing some chick I don’t know on the street although I’m guilty as charged of doing that shit in the club where it’s dark and it’s hard to hear.

I always apologize for feeling like I had to grab said girl, you know, opportunity passing and everything and sometimes things go ok.

The problem I think with most men that consider themselves having the “courage” to approach women on the streets is that too many of them either have hostility toward women to begin with or simply don’t like women in the first place.

Going into an approach with a negative attitude make failure a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Meanwhile, women are unfortunately trapped in a world where the type of men that they’re interested in are afraid to approach them but the men they’d never give the time of day can’t leave them alone.

Then there’s travesties like this:

This shit pissed me off almost to no end for a few reasons:

  1. Only about half the approaches could be considered actual “harassment”. The other half were just guys paying genuine compliments.
  2. I absolutely hate the fact that niggas slobber all over any woman that’s clearly non-Black. Our self hatred knows no bounds.
  3. This chick doesn’t fool me one bit. It’s not like she volunteered to have honey poured all over her and then laid out in the sun to wait for the red ants. She anticipated the remarks, she expected them, she enjoyed them – that’s right, I said it – and far worse than this day for her will be the day in the future – that we all know is coming – where no matter what she puts on or how many hours she walks around, won’t nobody say shit.

So what’s my point?

While men taking the first step and approaching women is quite traditional, like the muskets Joe Walsh plans on grabbing if Trump loses, guys can’t blame women or feminism if said approach is antiquated, obsolete, pathetic and useless.

Similarly ladies, sometimes a compliment is just a compliment.

And if you honestly feel that a simple “good morning” from a bright-eyed guy with the open-ended smile is harassment, then fuck you bitch.

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