Are Black Women FINALLY Making a Comeback?


As I’m listening to Meek Mill’s stellar Dreamchasers 4, I can’t help but hear girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s fingerprints (how’s that for mixed metaphors?) all over it.

And what I mean by that is that although she only actually appears on the song “Froze”, both the real Hip Hop sensibilities and the restraint that Meek shows in avoiding going right after nominal enemy Drake are evidence of a superior woman at work.

I mean, in all honesty, Drake is a better “artist” than Meek, but if Steph Curry had to play LeBron James in a one-on-one, what do you think Ayesha would tell Steph to do?

That’s right, stay outside and kill him from threes.

And that’s what Meek does here.

Drake comes nowhere near Meek in spitting that real Hip Hop street shit and that’s what Meek’s giving you from song one to the mixtape’s conclusion.

And I’m not silly enough to think that Meek came up with that strategy on his own.

For all his talent and ability, Meek’s a hot-headed idiot.

Remember, it was his rush to Twitter to accuse Drake of not writing his own lyrics that started the whole beef to begin with.

Only somebody who knows both how to play the game and how to win could have advised Meek on a strategy that makes that stupid beef now seem irrelevant and also position her boyfriend, in the otherwise absence of just an MC – I mean, Drake being a rapping Michael Jackson and Kendrick’s CDs coming with a kufi inside – to be the rapper that niggas still living by certain street codes turn toward to authenticate their struggle.

Similarly, who but a beautiful Black woman could say to her husband Dwyane Wade, “They’re not gonna pay you? And after you done won three Chips for them fools? Oh, hell no!”

Cause you know dudes, we’ll just go for simplicity. We’ll allow ourselves to be undercut, insulted, humiliated and played if we’re not careful.

Hell, even me, myself, The Great Dickie Bhee, as a campus barber at my legendary HBCU had to have a girlfriend – who was good for absolutely nothing else – tell me that I was undercharging for cuts and could rightfully ask for and get more than twice as much.

So yes, the absolutely stunning and career wise, red hot Gabrielle Union, or, as ya’ll know her, Number 4 on Dickie Bhee’s 10 Baddest Black Actress Ever list, told her man not to put up with that bullshit that the Miami Heat were tryna pull off and g’head and go home to Chicago.

A debut of 22 points with 3-5 three-point shooting later, and it looks like she was right.

Last, of course, is the already established Russell Wilson who, after marrying a woman so fine you’d cum on her toes if she took off her shoes first, wasted no time in putting a bun in that over and now has wife Ciara knocked up.

Despite a tie in their most recent game and the fact that the Cowboys are 5-1, Wilson’s Seattle Seahawks are looking like the class of the NFC and another trip to the Super Bowl isn’t only likely, it’s straight up predictable.

Personally, I’m just happy to see Black women back in the role they were designed for; teammate.

Ya’ll know how I feel about that asinine “I don’t need no man” narrative and how it was used to perpetuate the apathy that is the Black family, but hopefully with Nicki, Gabby and Ciara as examples, other Black chicks will catch on and realize that like Tony Montana said, with the right woman…


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