Ashley Graham & Why it Took a Fat White Chick to Get America to Admit to Something Black Men Have Been Saying for Years


Really, that whole “skinny chick as sexy” lunacy is something akin to circular logic spun outta control.

All that anybody would have had to do was stop and consider who ran the fashion industry and therefore provided us with images of what we subsequently considered the “ideal woman”.

If, “ding!”, it had been realized from the door that this was an industry that took it’s dictates almost exclusively from gay men, then one could begin to understand why said “ideal women” never had features that would, on sight, identify them as women.

No tits, no ass, no curves.

And while too many white women bit this bullshit and thought to themselves “Well, if that’s the way a woman’s supposed to look…” got lipo, dieted down to nothing and exercised past the point of muscle all the way to anorexia, Black women deserve props if only because as conditioned as they themselves are toward self-hatred (perms ya’ll? still? in 2016?) they knew better than to believe that physical self-negation was the true path toward real beauty and/or sex appeal.

Black men knew it too, as ya’ll know from either admitted personal tastes, famous Chris Rock jokes, or some shit I done wrote already.

And now, of course, just like JLo and the Kardashians are credited as being the “creators” of ass – yes, just like Chuck Berry wants to pull his nose hair out and Little Richard contemplates suicide every time Elvis gets called the “King of Rock and Roll” – model Ashley Graham, who is, admitted, a bloated dime-piece, comes along to snatch the credit for being the first big bitch that anybody wants to stick their dick in.

Ok, well, no. Wrong.

Ms. Graham is simply the first “commercial” fat bitch of the modern era that guys freely admit to wanting to pork and the reasons most of us are on the bandwagon is simply because there is a bandwagon.

As with most things, Ms. Graham needed the media to make her popular and once popular, of course, she became desirable.

Quite simply, the bitch woulda been hot either way.

She’s pretty in that pretty-for-a-white-girl sorta way and although I think her ass is just “big” and not particularly “phat”, if you dig where I’m coming from, the scariest thing to come to terms with now is the fact that not only women seemed to have historically taken these same fashion industry dictates on how a woman should look but men (white, overwhelmingly white) have as well.

The thin, blonde, tits-on-a-stick with an “ass like a 10 year-old boy” as hot white woman that got peddled through the mainstream was certainly seen as a trophy.

It makes you wonder how much of men’s tastes are dictates of what we’re honestly, naturally interested in, and how much is from a Moneyball, need-for-a-“hot”-girlfriend-to-prove-our confidence, Beauty Myth, when-a-man-fucks-a-“beautiful”-woman-he-does-it-with-everybody-he-wants-to-impress-in-mind perspective.

Because if the rise of Ashley Graham proves something other than the obvious; which is that the first white face doing what Black people have been doing will always be celebrated as the innovator and creator, it’s that we’re a gutless nation; and we’ll like what you tell us to like, want what you tell us to want and try to fuck who you tell us we should be trying to fuck…

…Or am I the absolute last one to realize all this and the rest of ya’ll are just looking at me like, “What took you so long, Dickie Bhee”?

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