When the Ugliest Man in the World Becomes a Ken Doll


What ever your variation of Hip Hop, Hov has given it to you.

If you trap, like that street shit, backpack music, silky ballads, collabos, he could get lyrical, flow, get the girl and all he needed was 4 bars.

Over my years I’ve seen 

Rooks get tooken by the Knight

lose their Crown

for tryna defend the Queen

Is one of the most deft double-entendres in the history of music.

And for my money, he’s the best.

He’s no longer, however, The Top.

That’s Drake.

But Drake’s got a lot of rapping to do if he thinks that at any point, he could surpass the legend of which Hov holds full stake.

I mean, Hov graduated to Al Bundy.

Drake’s still just a Bud.

And when we look at Jay Z, we’re struck.

This guy is married to Beyonce?

The guy’s face is like a five dollar bill buried in a pile of shit.

Sure, there’s value in there, but who wants to dig for it?

Not only is Jay Z the ugliest rapper, he’s probably the ugliest man on the planet.

And now he’s Ken.

Proof, of course, that money can buy anything.

And talent.

Let’s not forget that.


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