Lil Wayne Will Feel “Connected” to Unemployment Soon


In America, the only thing blacker than a Black person is a poor Black person.

Poor is how we’re all are supposed to be.

However, there may be some cash in it for you if you can articulate the experience.

Like if you’re say, an artist or a rapper; which is a form of an artist.

Enter Lil Wayne.

Quite frankly, it’s not like things were looking great for this dude financially long-term anyway because no matter how many millions he’s made over the course of his career, he’s fathered too many babies, done too many drugs and been involved in too many questionable business deals to maintain a lifestyle that’s likely to change as arbitrarily as musical tastes do.

Now there’s a contingent of people both surprised and disappointed by Lil Wayne’s appearance on Nightlight where he curses up a storm en route to saying that he didn’t feel “connected” to Black Lives Matter and pretty much made it clear that from his perspective, life is every man for himself.

My only question is, why the surprise?

Wayne has been way more Stepin Fetchit than Sidney Poitier throughout his musical career and thinking he’d switch up now that said career seems to be winding down is like expecting Steph Curry to start entering dunk contests.

And even though trickster/fool is a genuine Black role, by doing what now can only be considered a veiled attempt to cozy up to what he believes is his white fan base via his inane Nightline statements, Wayne’s ignoring or perhaps completely forgetting that for white fans of Hip Hop, the most important thing a Black rapper can have – even more important than talent – is authenticity.

In other words, instead of bashing Black Lives Matter, Wayne’s white fans would far prefer to see him explain it to them.

Bashing it makes it seem like he’s disconnected for the lumpen mass of Black people worldwide.

And if that’s the case, they’ll go looking for another dude that is connected.

Wayne of all people has to realize that when dealing with these last flaming embers of White Supremacy, you either fully embrace it, or you fully engage it.

When they threw his ass in jail – something they always and only seem to do with Black entertainers; shoutout to Pac, Bobby Smurda, Gucci, DMX and Kevin Gates or maybe women; shoutout to OG Martha Stewart – was Wayne’s Moment of Truth.

What he said last night on Nightline shows how he reacted to that movement.

And what’s sad is that unlike, say, Muhammad Ali who faced down an even brighter burning White Supremacy and eventually forced it’s begrudging respect, those that cave lose respect in all corners.

Wayne’s Black fans who’ve watched everyone from athletes to his fellow entertainers one-by-one fall in line and take some kinda stance on something and have had the rubber stamp above Wayne’s likeness for a while now, have officially pressed in red ink the word “CANCELLED” across his face.

Wanye’s white fans, stuffed on To Pimp a Butterfly, Lemonade, and The Life of Pablo, have now found out that there’ll be no similar awakening from their guy and are looking around for alternatives.

And Wayne himself, much like Larry, will see what happens when you fuck a movement in the ass.

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