Christian Clark & When You Kill Your Own Baby to Make a Point


Some people shouldn’t be parents and though yeah, this one is mostly the fault of the mother, I gotta lay at least a piece of the blame on the pops and not because I’m some pussy of a male feminist – ya’ll know I’m a chauvinist – but because dude, just from what I’m reading, was way too casual while dealing with a woman I figure he should have already known wasn’t right in the head.

And ok, so whatever, we’ve been there: maybe not specifically there, but in a relationship and one of ya’ll is out and the other one isn’t feeling the fact that they’re alone and a text or phone war starts.

Or maybe there was a war in person and that’s what caused the other to leave.

Whatever the case, when 21 year-old Christian Clark got into an argument via text with her boyfriend Andrew Price Jr. who’s also the father of her 17 month-old son, you can imagine it was pretty far along before she sent out this little doozy “Ya kids ain’t safe here I don’t want them here” and “I’m killing them” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Then she sent out this to make sure he knew that while a little girl named Angel that might have been her daughter, his or both of their was still alive, their son was dead.

“Ahh, look, Angel is still alive and sweating your son on the other hand is not even breathing.”

Mr. Price’s response?

“Send it to the cops post it to fb idc anymore you ruined my life.”

Dude… really?

You know this bitch is crazy and you’re telling her to post a video of your son’s dead body to Facebook and you don’t care anymore because she “ruined” your life?

WTF, man???

You’re worse than that earless cop in Reservoir Dogs obsessing about his looks while a fellow officer is dying of a gut shot.

And you don’t even get the benefit of the leeway that might ordinarily go with the suggestion that you “thought she was playing.”

You’ve got a kid with her so you’ve got to know better than anybody what’s she’s capable of.

I know as well as anybody and from personal experience that when you’re in a toxic relationship, the only thing you can do is increase the level of toxicity.

So if she was making threats about killing your son before – which she likely was because your lax attitude makes it seem like you weren’t surprised to hear them – you had to make moves to get your boy the fuck away from her.

So don’t show up in court crying like a girl and acting like you’re on the “right” side of the law.

Like I said, you’re not as guilty, but if charges or suggestions of “negligence” start getting thrown around, you better duck.

I mean, you can talk about how much you loved your boy and how devastated this whole thing has left you but the only thing that can actually be proven is what you said in the text message.

And that was “idc”.

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