To Bankroll PJ’s Attempted Murderers: This AIN’T A Movie, Dawg

There’s nothing cute about what’s happened in Atlanta with first Bankroll Fresh, then Man Man, the uncles of 6 year-old rapper Bankroll PJ, but if you know enough about old movies, the first one that comes to mind – for me at least – about young sons trying to avenge their fathers’ murders is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly where after Angel Eyes kills Stevens, he instinctively knows to gun for the man’s young son who he can predict will be coming for him.

This all leaves the man’s wife, now widow, alone save for the youngest boy which Angel Eyes spares.

What’s of note is that although The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is a western, it, like A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More before it, was shot in Italy, hence the term “Spaghetti Western”.

And that’s interesting because our modern idea of vendettas being passed down from father to son comes from another movie with roots in Italy, The Godfather, most specifically it’s sequel, The Godfather II.

When we first meet young Vito Corleone in Godfather II, who we got to know by Marlon Brando’s portrayal in The Godfather, he’s still Vito Andolini and his mother has taken him before the local mafia chieftain to swear on her own life that young Vito, when he grows, will not come looking for vengeance for the father that the mafia Don has killed or even the older brother who’s death marks the beginning of the scene.

Vito’s mom is both unsuccessful in this attempt and is murdered by the Don’s henchmen right before young Vito’s eyes.

Of course we all know that after some negligible Ellis Island documentation changes his name, young Vito, now older and played by Robert De Niro, actually does come for vengeance and get it, but all this shit is the stuff of movies.

Or is it?

Is fear of vengeance what had fools shooting at a 6 year-old in Atlanta?

I’m getting to the point where I’m imagining – hoping, actually – that we simply can’t be this stupid and instead there are government agents nefariously at play here.

I mean, was Bankroll PJ the intended target of the drive by that killed Man Man?

And Black people, unimpressed as always by our high achievers – ask any nigga you know to name a current Black inventor or scientist – seem to be taking the perspective that these murders will somehow make this boy a, if not better, stronger person.


We’re already a fractured community being that too many of our number are imprisoned for, of all things, selling drugs to people that want to buy drugs.

I put that in italics because some fools would argue that “drugs” are “bad” and therefore drug “dealers” are bad and should go to jail, but if an obese person died of a heart attack after eating fast food and someone called for the imprisonment of Ray Kroc, Dave Thomas or Colonel Sanders, we’d call that person insane and not just because those three guys are dead.

Anyway, back to my point: if all this bullshit that has maniacs actually shooting at a 6 year-old boy is yet another inane attempt at aping the mafia, why only try to imitate the violence?

Why not take over the trucking and contracting businesses, actually control the importing and distribution of narcotics and influence American politics in a way that goes far beyond voting?

The mob did all that shit too.

The gun play was just the stuff you paid ticket prices to see.

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