#BlackLivesMatter Misses Epic Troll Opportunity


Are you even really surprised that alleged cop “supporters” will turn around and kill the cops quicker than those that are supposed to hate them?

You shouldn’t be.

America is the bizarro country.

Remember – as I love to point out – it was slave-owners that wrote those glorious words “all men are created equal”.

And no, nobody Black probably was surprised that it was some white maniac – a guy named Scott Michael Greene – that, despite writing this shit


turned around and killed two Des Moines, Iowa police officers.

You know who was surprised tho?

And really, I can’t actually claim that they were “surprised” but they sure as shit pretended to be.


And even that’s not fair because “conservatism” as an ethos has been hijacked by White Supremacists so let’s just skip the middle man and say straight out that it was White Supremacists that were surprised.

But would even that be a stretch of the truth?

I mean we were all shocked – though some were, admittedly, relieved – when Dallas police shooter Micah Johnson and Baton Rogue police shooter Gavin Eugene Long were Black; although the fact that both of those dudes were ex-GIs makes their crimes stink too much with Manchurian Candidate possibilities for my tastes.

And importantly: neither gentleman was a member of #BlackLivesMatter.

But again, as we saw it with the Oregon standoff, where more than two dozen fully armed white men occupied the Malhuer National Wildlife Preserve, not only will American law enforcement go to extreme lengths to protect the lives of white people no matter how far into madness those whites have descended, but the fact that after the standoff ended, seven of it’s members, including two of it’s leaders were acquitted of all charges just goes to prove that differences of opinion are indeed tolerated in this great country, it simply depends on who’s offering that difference.

John Africa, may he rest in peace, certainly shouldn’t have differed with the city of Philadelphia.

Is it even worth noting that Mr. Scott Michael Greene was captured alive while both Micah Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long…?

No, you’re right.

What’s the point?

Well, here’s something to consider: we live in a nation so absurd that there was actually a controversy over Beyonce’s recent Country Music Awards appearance, some citing that The Queen was a known “cop hater” and that she would probably use this opportunity to politicize her perceived anti-cop bias as opposed to simply singing a song.

Some even went on to argue that country music was “white”, which is like arguing that white people that suffer from the blues shouldn’t sing them (shoutout to Led Zeppelin) or that white boys that have bars to spit should alter their rapping enough for it to be kinda considered singing (shoutout to Eminem and Bob Dylan).

But what do you expect from a country where you have to actually specify whose lives matter because otherwise, it would be taken for granted that not every life did?

If I were in #BlackLivesMatter, I’d use everything as a ammunition for my argument, ignoring the etiquette it requires to let the families of murdered police officers mourn in peace.

#BlackLivesMatter, on the other hand, is cut from two of the few genuine and honorable American traditions: the right to assemble and the right to protest.

They’ve got too much class to be petty in the face of loss of life.

And that’s admirable.



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