Blac Chyna & Would You Let Your Woman Ride for You?

The myth that all women secretly want a dominant man is about as bad and off as the myth that all dykes secretly want dick.

Have you seen some of these beings, dawg?

I mean, the ones you hafta double-check for facial hair, ponder on what’s flattening their breasts and make sure not to stare at too long?

They do not want you, my man. They don’t want me either. And thank God for it!

Still, when we note the likes of a Blac Chyna, the majority of hetero dudes are thrown into, what Clyde Frazier in his Knick telecasts frequently refers to as “a bit of a quandary”.

Big ass and fine yes but, the mouth on that girl!

But it wasn’t her mouth this time as she went on the attack, using Instagram for this particular rampage against radio turned talk show host Wendy Williams and defending her famed relationship with Rob Kardashian.

Makes me glad Rob Kardashian’s white because that fact finally puts to rest the notion that Black chicks are only outrageous toward Black men and are somehow submissive toward white men.

Besides, the fact is, while almost everybody claims they want a relationship that’s “chill”, how often does “chill” become “boring”?

And I say this as one that believes firmly in gender roles.

All that “raise boys and girls the same” is bullshit until boys can get pregnant.

Still, if relationships are supposed to be a team, then only bad or dysfunctional teams don’t practice the age-old adage of “staying with the hot hand“, and if on the last play of one of the most iconic and dramatic wins of his career – when he came back from his first retirement to score 55 points against those same beloved Knicks of mine –  Michael Jordan didn’t score, but passed, who cares who’s calling or even taking the shots so long as y’all win?




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