The FBI is Full of Perverts & Who You Should Vote for Today


I swear, for an alleged “free” country, we sure do have enough muhfuccas whose only concern seems to be spying on our own citizens.

I mean, we got the “Secret Service” and what the fuck is that supposed to be?

How can it be a “secret” if that’s part of it’s name?

It’s like, you ever touch a packet of hot sauce?

That shit ain’t hot!

Shit ain’t hot till you put it on the food.

And like that, a muhfucca can only be a “secret” if he’s just standing around in one of those cheap suits.

And to me, all this shit gives espionage a bad name.

I mean, we’d think that a “spy” was somebody out there gathering information about foreign powers and rogue nations bent on destroying our way of life, not some nigga going through my browser history.

And dig, if you think about it, both of these bullshit agencies, the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Secret Service got their starts because muhfuccas overreacted – as usual – to the assassination of President McKinley, started thinking anarchist were everywhere (sound familiar yet?) and gave themselves permission to snoop on people.

Right after the anarchist hustle started wearing thin, the FBI got into checking for Mann Act violations, “white slavery” and prostitution which is pretty much still the present condition of that group of freaks if you ask me.

I mean think about it: if you’re very first director is none other than J. Edgar Hoover, not only a closeted homosexual, but a closeted self-loathing homosexual, then the No. 1 dope you’re gonna want on people – as it was in Hoover’s case – is gonna be sex.

And that makes perfect sense.

If you already consider yourself to be some kinda deviant, the last way in the world you’re gonna wanna feel is alone in your deviance, so, hey, get me all you can find out on Dr. King, Kennedy too. Them dudes fucking boys or girls? Got pictures, audio, what?

And if we’d dig how the FBI’s involved itself in this particular Presidential election, if we’re honest enough to admit it, we’ll see it’s just some more petty bullshit.


We’ve gotten to the point where we’re literally obsessing over Hillary Clinton’s emails.

We’re acting like if she hadn’t deleted them shits, we’d find something like:

“Gave Barry THE BEST head last nite. He said this time, he’s really gonna leave Michelle and you know what? I believe him too.”

Now, as far as who to vote on, I honestly can’t tell you.

I mean, enthusiasts for either candidate try to make it seem like you’d be such a maniac and fool to vote for the other party, but as we all should know by now, both have their perks and flaws.

If there’s anything against Trump, it’s that he looks a little reactionary.

All his ideas seem to be about how he’d respond to something.

Personally, I don’t think when looking to elect what should ostensibly be the Leader of the Free World we should strongly consider a counter-puncher.

I’d just as soon go with somebody that make errors of commission rather than omission.

But this is the problem that’s been plaguing the Republican party since the resignation of it’s last trailblazing and superstar administrative though deeply personally flawed president, Richard Nixon.

Reagan, Bush, and Bush II were all klutzes trying desperately to hang on to historical American prestige.

I mean, look at who supports Trump now: white supremacists.

And what says that you’re living in the past more than believing in white supremacy?

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