Blacks Watch in Wonder as America Protests Itself


I hate to blow up anybody’s spot but if an of-age nigga is out taking part in the protests that have started in several cities as a result of the election of Donald Trump, they’re just tryna hook up and perhaps get a little hot, interracial sex action.

He or she knows better than to be out there actually protesting.

As ya’ll know, one of my go-to paraphrases is Jimmy Baldwin’s take on racial intelligence from No Name in the Street where he goes something like Black children are smarter than white children if for no other reason than the fact that Black children realize almost from birth that there’s something wrong with this country.

Therefore, not a single one of us was either surprised or disappointed enough to protest the results of the presidential election.

I mean, this aside from the fact that we’re not naturally a people that “surprise” easily.

Aside from Obama’s win in 2008, the only two things that I can think of that surprised Black people in recent years are the fact that the Golden State Warriors set a record for wins in a season and went up 3-1 in the Finals before losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the fact that J. Cole went platinum without any guest appearances or features.

And it kinda saddens me to see white idealism crash – what is it for some of ya’ll; twice now during this same election if you started off feeling the Bern? – and you come to terms with a grim reality that Black Americans have been, if not at peace with, then certainly sure of since we were at least 7 years old.

America’s a dumb country.

America’s a racist country.

America’s a misogynistic country.

And America will fight toot and nail to keep itself that way.

But to protest?

You’re not like, say, #BlackLivesMatter fighting against police brutality or even workers fighting for a fair wage, you’re fighting – follow me here – against the democratic process.

You can’t be protesting Trump because he hasn’t done anything yet. All he’s done was make the promises that got him elected.

No, the only thing you could realistically be protesting is that it is, in fact, the majority that make up what you would have before Tuesday considered to be the lowest common denominator.

You liked the idea that it was “us” against “them” when thinking that the “us” had the numbers, but now that you’ve seen the truth you want, what?

A recount?

You wanna repeal democracy itself?

You wanna fight against a system you would have so staunchly defended had your – and admittedly, my – candidate won?

It doesn’t work that way.

And the sad thing is that you don’t even realize that you sound and act exactly like who you claim to hate.

This is what you could have expected from the alt-right had Hillary won, except with more guns.

And let’s not sleep on Mr. Trump’s sleazeball appeal.

Hope you feminist men learned a thing or two about what women really want.

62 Percent of white women that didn’t attend college voted for the candidate that not only grabs and takes the pussy in true Alpha Male form, but you can expect rape itself to become legal provided the accused is white, rich, and preferably Ivy League educated.

Simply, most Americans saw their candidate win.

And the rest of ya’ll can take solace in the fact that you’re now finally as intelligent as a 7 year-old Black kid.

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