Bill Maher & Watching the Liberal Left Start Moving Hard Right


I didn’t learn about Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord (known simply as Talleyrand) until I started reading The 48 Laws of Power, but they say this muhfucca was a muhfucca when it came to personal survival and self-preservation.

I mean allegedly, aside from being Napoleon’s chief diplomat, Talleyrand didn’t let the fact that nobody trusted him stop his ass from, like the devil, continuing to find work no matter what the French government morphed itself into.

That’s talent.

When you consider shit like the fact that young white boys were losing all reason over Bernie Sanders altering his staunch me-ism to support Hillary Clinton when his own bell had tolled, a guy like Talleyrand woulda left them all fucked up.

But is this selling out?

Well, that all depends on your perspective.

If your highest ideal is an ideal, then yeah, contradicting it or even altering it in the slightest is selling out.

Like, say, your pro-choice but you agree to a late term ban. Sorry, but you just sold out.

However, if your highest moral position is watching out for your own ass, you’d be a fool to place any other “ideals” ahead of that very task.

Enter Bill Maher.

Now, I never thought this dude was particularly funny, clever, cute or insightful.

He’s also a professional atheist and ya’ll know what’s wrong with those fools, in a way, they’re almost worse than believers.

And even though it could be argued that a guy like Dennis Miller is cut from the same cloth, I can remember watching a Monday Night Football with my late father while Miller was still an anchor on the show and my father said how much he hated Miller till I said, “Hold up, Dad. Give him a chance. He once described this guy who made a move on a punt return as ‘Spinning like Earl the Pearl down at Winston-Salem State’.”

My pops nodded solemnly before adding, “That is good.”

Maher’s got nothing like that.

Instead, he seems to be taking the opportunity provided by Donald Trump’s recent Presidential win to start moving from the left and becoming something more akin to Dennis Miller – who’s already right wing – or sort of a ‘Skinny Limbaugh’.

During a recent broadcast of Real Time, Maher not only stayed on the attack against his own Democratic political party, but he oddly kept voicing what he thought was the perspective of the “white working man” – as if he knows what that is.

Then he went on the attack against PC Culture or political correctness and Islam.

It’s almost insulting that Maher, as an atheist, thought he could get away with attacking just Islam when Christianity killed the American Indian and made the Black African a slave.

And believe me, Bill Maher is just the first.

As I’ve predicted, expect a whole bunch of formerly left-leaning celebs to start following suit – Donald Trump’ suit – provided his administration gets off to an even so-so start and the will of the people seem to be behind him.

And don’t expect a shift in this overall dynamic unless a counter groundswell builds momentum to the point that it becomes cool again or at least enough people seem to behind the idea of an alternative.

Then you’ll start seeing celebrities returning left.

So let this be a lesson to anybody who, in addition to being entertained by them, sets their moral compass by celebrities.

Instead of watching their movies, listening to their music, reading their books or watching their shows, just send them money directly.

Take all the pretense out of it.

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