Expect to Have to Handle Hate Crimes “The Old-Fashioned Way” Under Trump

When you sense that you’re threatened or that something’s about to jump off, your body usually tenses up, giving you easier access to adrenaline to prepare you for the action that just might be about to jump off.

Well, expect a full four years of that feeling.

Won’t be that bad, I guess. Maybe like being a war.

But the one big difference between war and the feeling you’ll experience at least until 2020 if you aren’t a straight, white, male in America is that at least in a war, there are other soldiers on your side.

And in this case, “shares your plight” doesn’t necessarily mean “on your side”.

To me, one of the closet depiction of what to really expect in a crisis is in the movie An American Werewolf in London when after Jack gets attacked by the werewolf, David initially does what comes naturally; he hauls ass and tries to save himself.

Sure, after a moment, he goes back, but by then, the damage is done.

And this is pretty much what you can expect under the Trump administration: a bunch of former allies intent on saving themselves.

Don’t be surprised if, like Bill Maher, more than a few known and celebrated liberals start leaning Republican.

And groups that support LGBT rights and groups like #BlackLivesMatter, expect them to be marginalized, bullied, isolated or worse yet, ignored into oblivion.

People say that the Black Panthers ultimately ran out of steam but I always trace the beginning of their downfall to the Kent State shootings.

Once the country, particularly a group of Black militants, saw that Richard Nixon would kill young white kids just as easily as he would anybody else, Black people, who know that America values us least of all, realized that there wouldn’t be as much as a peep of protest or a hint of investigation into anything done against our movements.

And Nixon only ran his “Southern Strategy” to get elected.

Donald Trump employed straight up avowed white supremacists.

So don’t expect sympathies to be with you and your movement.

Expect, in fact, roving packs of random racists to start their own arbitrary movements, right off the cuff.

And if you can’t sing, dance, or produce papers that otherwise explain what put you in a position to cross paths with them, trouble will probably start.

On an individual level, expect the same.

And although it’s rare that you’ll encounter a lone racist brave enough to act out the hatred in his or her heart, it’s not out of the question that it may happen.

It will be those times that it would be best to be in great physical shape and peak condition so that you can “defend” yourself.

And sadly, this defense will have to be done quickly, efficiently and tales or remembrances of can’t be shared with anyone once done.

If attacked by a Trump supporter and the cops arrive, expect the cop to side with the Trump supporter.

So that leaves you with two options: pretend you’re the actual Trump supporter, or be done and far away from the scene by that time.

And Black people, now you understand why it’s so important to keep guns out of our hands and communities.

It’s for times like this, where there’s an actual need to defend ourselves.

Not for when we’re just shooting each other like it’s some kinda sport.

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