Next Time Somebody Threatens to “Send You Back to Africa” Make them Actually Do It


Some clown named John Sousa down in Florida (no surprises there), a teacher – if you can believe that – is in, what they like to call “hot water”, meaning no real trouble, because he allegedly told a bunch of Black students that he would call Donald Trump who’d “send them back to Africa”.

This is only a threat, of course, because Black people supposedly don’t want to go to Africa.

The “back” part is preposterous.

Most Black Americans have never been to Africa.

And knowing that this is the case, a terrific job has been done of making the continent monstrous in our eyes, telling us it’s full of AIDS and poverty and hey, they’re ain’t no light-skinned hoes!

Meanwhile, the one brother that started a mostly successful campaign to actually immigrate a large group of Black Americans to the continent of Africa was shut down and deported with the quickness.


Don’t act like you don’t know.

Nobody wants us to go to Africa, especially the people that claim to wanna send us the most.

We are America’s qualifier.

The on-sight underclass.

The ugly best girlfriend.

The designated bottom of the barrel.

Without us to play that role, who would conventional America turn to?


Nah, they’re really trying to get rid of them.


Nah, their parents already told them that the key to success in America is the one thing that no native non-Asian wants to do; hard work.

They might have to go back pre-1924 and take away the whiteness of Italians and Irish.

And most whites, long convinced in some kinda superiority, would now come face-to-face with the gruesome reality that whiteness never did have any value outside of it’s comparativeness to blackness.

Blackness removed, we’re back at a naked class system and those whites long held in check by the idea of “whiteness” now hafta come to terms with the fact that they’ve actually probably been poor all along and duped into both accepting and dealing with that indifferently because of the belief in the value of whiteness.

This can never happen.

Europe has seen that shit backfire too many times before.

Marie Antoinette, who because of rank though innocent ignorance said, after hearing that the commoners had no bread to “let them eat cake“, which was interpreted of course as some kinda bougie dis, ultimately got her head chopped off when the revolution came.

And let’s not forget that it was only last century that Karl Marx, Trotsky, Engles Lenin and his crew – some literally, some figuratively – disposed of the czarist system in Russian costing lots royal lives and bringing that “communism” bullshit to the fore.

The same kinda shit American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tried to rock with – refiguring it as “socialism”; identical system without everybody living in the same goddamn hut – and he came close to taking the Democratic nomination.

What would stop him with no niggas around for poor whites to point at and feel better about themselves because of?

So yeah, that’s why we fill the jails, that’s why certain criminal offenses fuck up passport prospects, whatever the case, no matter what happens, we must not be allowed to “go back to Africa”.

Think I’m lying?

Watch what happens when, after the next person that threatens to send you to Africa, hears you respond to the idea in the affirmative.

He’ll start back peddling and bashing like Africa’s the last place any sane person could ever possibly wanna go and try to get you to believe that you’re a fool for considering it.

Even though it was his idea.

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