Expect a Fake Terror Attack Within Months of Trump Taking Office


Of course, initially we’re supposed to regard the removal of Donald Trump’s pledge to ban Muslims entry to this country from his website as a sign that maybe as now President-elect Trump and no longer candidate Trump, he’s maybe moving a little bit more to the center and becoming, for once, realistic.

Well, maybe it’s just me, but I see the whole thing as a setup.

And playing Devil’s Advocate for a moment and imagining that maybe the George W. Bush administration had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 nor any sort of forewarning about the attack, no one can deny that Bush’s allies – Texas oil men who literally caked off in oil rich Iraq and Vice President Dick Cheney’s Hallibuton – a glorified maintenance and cleanup company – made out like bandits financially so 9/11 ended up being, for them at least, a good thing.

And I’m not gonna be foolish enough here to make it seem like I think religion has that much to do with things.

This is, as usual, as always in fact, about money.

The only thing religion is ever good for is duping the religious.

Like when President Trump has to defend his actions to the Christian Right it’s gonna be great to be able to remind them of the fact that the people he’s about to bomb don’t even believe in the same God.

And hey, wasn’t I right when I was trying to ban them?

Trump’s a builder.

And we just elected a guy that can’t help but see any part of the world that’s not America as an untapped real estate market.

Now, the Clintons have been accused of stealing millions on their way out of the White House, we already discussed George W. Bush and we know that revenue from Barack Obama’s books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope peaked at 5.7 million in 2009, his first year in office.

Think we’re not going back into Iraq under the guise of “getting ISIS”?

Think we won’t also find or manufacture a need for more “sustained and continuous” action in that region?

Shit, the whole Middle East is about to get rebuilt.

But we’ll need a justification for going in in the first place.

And it’s times like this that it really sucks to live in New York because you know it’s got a bullseye on it.

This is funny because when you think about it, New Yorkers are known nationwide to be such assholes that it’s almost hard to imagine that anything happening to our fair city could evoke any sort of sympathy.

Only real terrorists would think to blow up, say, Hollywood if only to stop the manufacture of American film-based propaganda – and no, I’m not tryna give anybody ideas.

And it’s here that I should perhaps say that I wouldn’t be surprised if an attack on New York occurred without Trump’s knowledge or approval.

Even George W.’s staunchest critics seem hard-pressed to suggest that he was personally behind 9/11.

No, what’ll likely happen since New York is Mr. Trump’s home city is that an important yet ultimately expendable location will be sacrificed, Trump, likely uninformed, will get to appear on television genuinely shocked and outraged, the attack will be blamed on Muslims, they’ll be banned and we’ll ultimately go to war.

By the time that Trump catches on to the fact that he’s been had, it’ll be too late,

Besides, because of new “expansion opportunities”, President Trump probably stands to make a nice little piece of change, which should be enough to take him comfortably outta his feels.

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