That “Rest” Bullshit Shows Why LeBron Could NEVER Be Like Mike

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers

I’ve always hated Michael Jordan.

I’ve got him ranked no higher than 3rd on my Best All-Time list.

And the thing is, I actually like LeBron.

But would I take LeBron before I took Mike if both players were available?

No way.

And it goes way beyond the fact that Mike’s got 6 rings while LeBron has 3.

It goes beyond Mike’s higher career ppg and field goal percentage.

It goes even beyond the fact that Mike is undefeated in the Finals; a perfect 6-0, while LeBron is a paltry yet respectable 3-7.

No, what it comes down to is the fact that Mike was gonna be there.

Didn’t matter what the fuck you were gonna do.

And this is amazing when you consider that, after a pretty spectacular rookie season, when Mike got hurt early in his second season, he seemed like a young pitcher in baseball that everybody had felt that they’d solved.

“He’s brittle!” became the call. He was marked. He was soft.

But one thing we’d learn about Mike, starting with perhaps the “brittle” insult up through smashing the myth that scoring champions couldn’t be league champions and perhaps ending with him going 6-of-9 beyond the arc and finishing with 39 points in the first half of Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals against Clyde Drexler and the Portland Trailblazers, was that the exact thing that you said Mike couldn’t do, he’d make it a point to go out and do.

See, before Game 1, Mike and Clyde had been compared right down the line and it was determined that Mike was better in every category except three-point shooting.

So, asshole that Mike was…

Now back to “brittle”.

After his second year, Mike played in each of his team’s regular season games a phenomenal 8 out of 11 possible full seasons.

And in the three seasons he missed games, he missed 1, 2, and 4 respectively.

Imagine the message that sent to friend and foe alike.

There’d be no nights off.

No taking it easy.

No 1/2 stepping.


And this goes beyond the understanding that when you’re a star of that caliber, there’s perhaps a fan that would be coming out to see you for the very first time, a fan that you wouldn’t want to disappoint by not playing.

This is simply being an asshole about being the best to the point of proving it continuously.

The book, The Jordan Rules, was a hit piece in the guise of literature but even if Mike did receive special privileges, what Bulls teammate could say they’d ever seen him slacking?

So imagine my surprise when I look up at SportsCenter and see that LeBron had actually not played last night as his Cavaliers lost to the Indiana Pacers.

That surprise turned to disgust when I saw that the reason he was sitting wasn’t some injury, but, if you can believe it or not, rest.


You don’t miss going to work because you need rest.

You might miss going out to party after work.

And like I said, I like LeBron.

But to be a prima donna you gotta always be ready to sing.

LeBron “body-of-Adonis-stamina-of-Little Mermaid” James has never even played an 82 game season, the closest he had being 81 back in his 6th year, while even Allen “Practice” Iverson played two full 82-game seasons.

So like Mike?


In fact, go back and check the number of blog I’ve done since I did my very first one and compare them to the number of days that have passed since then.

See that, LeBron fans?

I’m more like Mike than that nigga.

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