Sage Steele Says the Kinda Shit that Would Make You Change Your Mind and Get Dressed


I think this all started because Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans refused to stand during the national anthem.

Now, two things on that right quick:

  1. In this “land of the free” it’s always niggas that are made to feel the need to comply with what someone/anyone else decides to do.
  2. The way you demonstrate that you disagree with the fact that someone won’t stand up for the national anthem is to stand up for that shit yourself.

But now Sage Steele, seemingly floating ESPN on-air personality, initially offended by Mr. Evans position because her father was in the military, has taken to Facebook where she lauds her mother as “the bravest woman I know” because “bravery” must be what she imagines it required for her white mother to marry her Negro father and then she went on to suggest that her white husband was worthy of “praise” apparently for the similar act of daring it required to marry her own biracial ass.

Uh… ok.

What somebody needs to tell Sage is that the problem with the term “bravest” in this scenario is that it implies heroism and to suggest that somebody is heroic for marrying interracially not only implies that the person they married had been “rescued”, but also that the person that they married would have been otherwise “doomed” to marry a person of their own race.

Another two things:

  1. Can you name another time when Black Love has been made to sound so lousy?
  2. It’s always brave to love anybody, Sage.

And you, dear reader, if you’re a product of Black Love, this means your parents didn’t even have the great fortune of having someone come and “rescue” one of them from the other, preventing a tragedy like you from happening and at least rendering you biracial, a fate you then could hope, like Mrs. Steele, that some “praise”-worthy white person could then come and “rescue” your future children from.

Ms. Steele goes on to add: “So when you call me a sell-out, or a coon, or an Uncle Tom, or any other derogatory term to let me know that you disagree with me, you lose every ounce of credibility…”

It’s here Mrs. Steele could be made to understand that by calling her an “idiot”, I’m also letting her know that I disagree with her and one has to imagine that if her being biracial could give her the standing it requires to take away all my “credibility”, her being full-blooded white, would probably make her God-like.

In that case, she could sayeth unto me

Now, like I’ve written, nobody obsesses over race like somebody in an interracial relationship and I’m gonna theorize that the reason for this is because they must feel forced to think about race all the time.

However, if you’re Black and you come home and your lady’s Black, then it’s simply, “Bitch, what’s on TV?”

It’s here that I actually envy the LGBT community because they’ve literally bullied the straights and squares into accepting whatever mandates they lay on us.

Bruce Jenner’s still got a dick but he’s a she now and call that fool Caitlyn?

You better do it!

And it’s along those lines that I wish that people like Mrs. Steele, regardless of her Facebook rants, could simply be declared “white”.

The thing is tho: women know they’d look like bigots for not accepting Caitlyn, no matter how preposterous he/she is.

Meanwhile, while the whites that refused to accept Blacks like Mrs. Steele would also look like bigots, they also wouldn’t give a fuck.

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