Get All That “Protesting” & Other Forms of Ruckus Out Your System Before January

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 12: A crowd marches from Union Square to Trump Tower in protest of new Republican president-elect Donald Trump on November 12, 2016 in New York, United States. The election of Trump as president has sparked protests in cities across the country. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

Black Lives Matter Black Friday

Yes, I know I’m part sadist cause I fuck with Richard Nixon hard-body but I also know that he, like our incoming guy Donald Trump, ain’t really racist.

Both men peddle racism, dabble in it and export it wholesale but believe in it?


They’re both more like “Chiron” by the time he becomes “Black” in Moonlight, a pure hustler, to the point where despite being a dope dealer he, like Juvenile spit in “Ha” keeps his own body clean to the extent of only drinking water or, like Pretty Tony from The Mack, another purist – this time a pure pimp – didn’t even fuck the bitches in his charge because he knew that would put him off his game.

Nixon couldn’t have been racist because no true politician can ever afford any personal convictions.

He must be able to either change with or ride like the wind.

Trump can’t be racist because there are people of color with more money than he has.

And as game recognizes game so does green recognize green.

You can’t look into the eyes of a Saudi oil billionaire thinking to yourself “Sand Nigger” and expect him not to see it in your expression.

Even that shit about Trump not renting to people of color in the 70’s, a racist move, of course, was not evidence of a racist mind.

People of color bring down property values.

Why the fuck would you rent to one?

It’s pure business.

I’d even go as far as to posit that like a true drug dealer, pimp or hoe, Nixon and Trump probably had more than a little disdain for their customers, clients and voters, wondering “How could anybody really use this shit?” when they considered the racism that they themselves were pushing.

But maybe I’m giving Trump too much credit when I put him in class with Nixon, maybe he is like who he aspires to be, that halfwit Reagan and his policies and moves from this point forward with be heavy-handed, retrograde and dumb.

But if he is like Nixon, here’s what you can expect next:

That protesting shit, tying up traffic, taking to the streets to march and chant?

That shit’s about to end overnight.

Iowa Republicans have already started working on policy against that shit.

It ain’t even a heavy stretch of the law to suggest that unlawful assembly is, on some level, a form of terrorism and if Trump is gangster enough to take a page out of Nixon’s Kent State playbook – you know, the murders of those 4 white students that effectively ended the hippie era and the protest-heavy vibe of the 60s – then as white people go, all movement shall go.

And that’s all it’ll take too, a mass roundup of the next group of protesters in addition to some really heavy charges, really serious shit.

The rich, of course, will be able to bail their progeny out but I guarantee you that the Trump team will make the costs in fines and legal fees no laughing matter.

The poor, even poor whites, will find their asses in jail doing numbers.

Trump’s team will have (correctly) figured that the type of whites that are out there with time on their hands to protest ain’t the type that are gonna Make America Great Again anyway and that they’re expendable.

Then, like with Kent State, when Black Americans see how serious and fucked up Trump is towards America’s white children, we’ll chill.

Black Lives won’t Matter as much anymore.

And we’ll all look for jobs and keep our fucking mouths closed.


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