Kanye is Only the First of the “We Sick, Bawse?” Negroes

Don’t know why everybody’s so surprised or offended that Kanye West came out as a de facto Trump supporter when I told ya’ll here on my own blog after comedian Bill Maher turned that you can expect many so-called “liberals” to start switching.

These fools change with the wind.

And now that it’s blown cold on stuff like protesting and gay rights and abortion, expect former lefties to leave niggas as confused as Winston Smith in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to the point where we’d swear that just the other day said celeb was saying something entirely the opposite of what he seems to be saying today.

The only that thing that pissed me off because of it’s blatant House Negritude was when Kanye said during the same concert that he retroactively endorsed Trump that Black people needed to “stop focusing about racism.”

And while, sure, I’d be the first to agree that racism is, indeed, a distraction put in place for us lose sight of our own objectives and go running like maniacs every time some housewife in Idaho uses the word “Nigger”, the problem I have with Kanye’s take is that he doesn’t offer a goal for us to be focused on.

The way he leaves us with what he said makes it seem as if he’s suggesting that we simply get used to our backs being stooped.

Or that we take everything dished upon us without even token resistance.

One could almost picture him now, Stephen attire firmly affixed, asking, “Whachu gon run off for?”

Dickie: “I’m tired of being a slave, Kanye”

Kanye: “Whatchu know bout anything else? We done got us here a good massa.”

Dickie: “I’m want to be free, Kanye.”

Kanye:Free? Den whatchu gon do? How you gon live? Nigger, you’ll starve!”

And I’m trying not to be too be hard on him, it’s just that every move he’s made since he’s come into the public consciousness has pointed to those qualities.

First, he begged a record deal from a guy that had to start his own label because he couldn’t get a record deal himself.

Then he claims to have blown 53 million dollars, sucking up to people in the fashion industry while trying to get his own line across when there’s storefronts available right there in Manhattan.

When he could have hired Indonesians or Guatemalans or little old ladies from Queens and had his shit sewn up, then outfitted everybody in his own videos in his stuff, called in favors and outfitted people in movies, film, theater, whatever.

When he could gave gone guerrilla and ultimately destroyed the people he ended up getting dissed by.

But the thing about that “Stephen” mentality is that independence seems not only dangerous, but ultimately impossible.

Therefore, like Stephen, every time he witnesses an independent Black man – remember, Kanye took shots at Obama too – it infuriates him.

Hence, stop “focusing” or racism, Black people.

And the guy has the nerve to wonder why Jay Z and Beyonce don’t fuck with him.

Frankly, since he got with Kim K, everything about this dude has been servile, handkerchief-headed and minstrel.

Everything, except maybe the music.

Try as I might, I can’t immunize myself from greatness.

And Kanye could legally change his name to Mantan Sleep’n’Eat Fetchit, and The Life of Pablo would still be my pick for Album of the Year.

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