Gucci Mane & Why “Gun Charges” are Always Bullshit


It always makes me mad whenever I hear somebody say some bullshit about “keeping guns away from criminals” because I know they’re not talking about keeping guns away from tax cheats, they’re not talking keeping guns away from jaywalkers, they’re not talking about keeping guns away from people that drive above the speed limit, they’re talking about keeping guns away from Niggers.

In case you haven’t noticed, “criminal” has become the latest code word for “Black person”, replacing “thug” which itself replaced “urban”.

And what makes this even more offensive is America’s love affair with guns.

Here’s how the Second Amendment actually reads:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Here’s how it’s interpreted:


One could imagine that the idea of forming a militia was important back in 1791 when the amendment was adopted and while the nation was still only fifteen years old.

Now, the chances of the British invading again is nonexistent, “hostile” Indians have been annihilated and Black people, while during the early colonial period and as slaves were considered “domestic foes”, have subsequently gone above and beyond to prove that all we want in the world is integration and equality.

So the need for a militia?


So as we consider that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” has been already infringed upon by the need now to have a license to carry a gun – which, of course, traces it’s source back to the slave codes – and we know that it can be nearly impossible for someone with a criminal record to get just such a license, do we now understand why any Black person that even wavers slightly between legality and illegality is slapped hard with criminal offenses and imprisoned whenever possible?

You ask any suburban housewife why she wants a gun and she’ll say without missing a beat “protection”, as if the suburbs are not the most homogeneous places on the planet and the likelihood of her running into a non-neighbor during her sojourns is nil – which is, of course, why she moved to the suburbs.

Enter Gucci Mane (finally, you’re thinking, what the fuck? this nigga done wrote 382 words already and this is the first time I’m seeing my man’s name).

Now, as anybody with even a cursory fanhood of our hero’s history knows, a little over 11 years ago,  young Gucci was attacked, briefly held against his well, pistol whipped, and eventually had to actually kill somebody just to procure his own safety.

And Gucci is a rapper, an entertainer, one of our own.

So you’d have to imagine that with this as a history, carrying a gun is not only a wise thing for Gucci to do, it’s an absolute necessity.

Then you realize that the last time Gucci went to prison, it was for gun charges.

And here’s the thing: some people didn’t even bat an eye at the hypocrisy.

Seriously, America needs to make up it’s mind.

Either guns are good or they’re bad.

Either they pass them out to you on your 18th birthday or nobody should have one.

Congrats to Gucci who just yesterday got engaged to longtime girlfriend Keyshia Ka’oir and props to Keyshia for riding with him through his prison term, but the simple truth is, he should have never gone to jail in the first place.

It’s not like he got caught robbing a liquor store.

Or even ripping off people though a fake university.

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