Patrick Dorismond Is Why Rudy Giuliani Will NEVER Have Any Credibility


Never mind that he’s a Catholic on his 3rd marriage.

We just elected a guy as President that’s on his 3rd marriage and we know that Ronald Reagan was married twice – what is it with Republicans and the need for new pussy? wouldn’t you think the Dems would be on it like that? – but neither one of them was Catholic and we know that Catholicism doesn’t frown on divorce, it absolutely forbids it.

So fuck his God, as, apparently, he must have said himself.

No, the reason it’s particularly obscene to any Black New Yorker with a memory that Rudy Giuliani is even in the abstract being considered as the possible Secretary of State for the Trump Administration is because of his role in what is to my mind, the most absurd police murder of an unarmed Black man in history.

Back in 2000 and while Giuliani was still mayor of New York, Patrick Dorismond, a Haitian immigrant, was approached by a police officer working undercover.

Now, whether Mr. Dorismond was asked to buy drugs or asked whether he was selling drugs is not the issue.

What is the issue is that after being approached by the officer with drugs as a topic, Mr. Dorismond took offense.

Who knows and who cares what kind of language Mr. Dorismond used to make the undercover officer aware that he was offended.

The bottom line is that Mr. Dorismond clearly wanted nothing at all to do with drugs, the undercover officer had picked the wrong guy, in the interest of the operation, it was best to get back on the grind, find a new potential drug criminal and start all over again.

But, again, no.

The undercover officer, amazingly enough, took offense to Mr. Dorismond’s offense and a fight ensued.

As a result of the fight, Mr. Dorismond was shot and killed.

Now, of course the office was acquitted.

Courtrooms being filled with people that have spend at least an additional 3 years in college to become lawyers none of whom, apparently, seemed to have asked the officer in question, “Once you realized that Mr. Dorismond didn’t want anything to do with drugs, why didn’t you just walk away?”

You see, because once it’s established that Mr. Dorismond wants nothing to do with drugs, the encounter ceases being a police matter, any exchanges between the officer and Mr. Dorismond then become personal and the shooting itself becomes murder.

Still, anyone old enough to read knows that you never need an excuse or an explanation to kill a Black person, just a weapon.

And the reason that this murder, like 9/11, rest squarely on the shoulders of Rudy Giuliani is not only because he was the Mayor of New York during both occurrences, but because in the immediate wake of Mr. Dorismond’s death, Giuliani was quick to say (and this is a quote) that Mr. Dorismond was “no altar boy“.

What a time to become a devout Catholic again.

Whitey Bulger, who of course, was a altar boy, should have immediately considered relocating to New York since it became obvious that the mayor of would ignore the crimes of anybody with a history of serving in church.

But worst of all, Giuliani’s words set the tone for an acquittal that would – I mean despite a list of names and ya’ll know them, Diallo, Bell, Garner, on to ad nauseam, the only one coming close for sheer absurdity being Terence Crutcher – go down in history for making Mr. Dorismond a man that was killed by the police because he wanted nothing to do with illegal drugs.

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