Castro Supported the Black Rights Movement So You Celebrating Miami Cubans Can Kiss My Ass


Look at it this way, you paleface freaks: your parents had enough money to leave, which is what y’all did as opposed to remaining in Cuba and suddenly becoming the equal to a bunch of Spanish-speaking Blacks, the born lower class, weirdos and undesirables.

Don’t expect my sympathies.

The best I’ll do for you is say that maybe I could understand your perspective if I was coming from your perspective but I’m not so I’ll stay with mine.

That’s one of the many ills that Black Americans suffer from: we’re expected to sympathize with everyone else’s plight before and sometimes even to the exclusion of our own.

What else could explain the fact that we fought in every single American war despite the fact that sometimes we were:

  1. 2nd Class Citizens
  2. Victim of Jim Crow
  3. Slaves

And imagine coming back to American fresh from a war and thinking to yourself, shit, I just saved you pink fuckers from the Huns the least I should be able to do is ride anywhere on the bus that I want and then to end up lynched in your uniform for it.

So expect me to view Fidel Castro solely considering the fact that he was a world leader concerned with Black Americans to a greater extent that American leaders were.

Expect me to give a fuck about how the Miami contingent felt about him not at all.

And if you thought about it, you’d probably give him props yourselves.

Imagine being able to play the world’s two greatest Super Powers against each other, all the while maintaining your independence, increasing literacy to nearly 100%, providing universal healthcare and surviving continuous, varying and constant assassination attempts.

This country loves us from John F. Kennedy but what business of it was his that another foreign sovereign had come upon it’s leadership through revolutionary mandate?

One doesn’t even have to look hard to see how the catastrophic Bay of Pigs Invasion had as it’s linear result the death of our beloved JFK.

Any time America starts talking about the alleged “good” of some foreign people I always wonder which American businesses or individuals stand to profit by “helping” those people.

Look how we “helped” the Iraqis.

More over, Castro took over a country starting with a revolutionary team that featured 11 dudes! – Argentinian Che Guevera, of course, being one of them.

And no one would argue that ego wasn’t a motivating factor.

Are we expected now, especially in the wake of El Presidente Trump, to imagine that benevolence is the major motivator for those that would assume Absolute Power?

And the US fucked him through trade embargoes – his ability to survive and rule was an embarrassment! – and most of his actions were forced to be reactions and, like I said, no, socialism isn’t necessarily my thing.

But ya’ll were America’s lil hoes – The Godfather II coulda been a documentary – then Castro came along on some Milton, “better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven” shit then ya’ll, following the earlier lead of Desi Arnaz and like Moses’ ungrateful Children of Israel, started looking for a “new” Egypt and found one right there in Miami.

That’s where we differ.

I would rather be a poor independent before I’d be a well paid, buck-dancing, shining, minstrel coon.

Castro offered ya’ll self respect.

That ya’ll didn’t take it was your own decision.

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