If “Alt-Right” Means White Supremacy Does “Alt-Left” Mean Black Nationalism?


Ideally, of course, political party affiliation should have nothing to do with race and everything to do with ideology.

Religion and morality weigh heavy in Russell Kirk’s 10 Conservative Principles, but realistically nowadays, if you believe in God, a strong military, the 2nd Amendment – tied in, of course, to the Constitution overall and an overriding faith in the wisdom of the Founding Fathers – you’re anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, believe in laissez faire government as far as business is concerned, you’re down with school prayer, believe in hard work and “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps” and believe in a reduction or elimination of almost all social programs, then it’s likely that you’re a Conservative, a Republican, or “Right Wing”.

If you’re “eh” on God, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, think that more programs are needed to help more people because of the inherent disparities in the system, think that more freedoms are always needed and the things you want to abolish are things like guns and prisons, then chances are that you’re Liberal, a Democrat or “Left Wing”.

Now, things are, of course, more complicated than that. And, like I said,  you would think that simply based on those as choices, race couldn’t have anything to do with which ideology a person identified with.

However, since the Democrats, or Liberal Left Wing has done such of bang up job of making Black people believe that they’re either currently, have in the past, or plan on doing so much for us, we’ve had a tendency to agree with and vote for them, despite the fact that 87% of us believe in God – the highest percentage of any group – and less of us benefit from social programs – including Affirmative Action – than white people.

Enter the “Alt-Right“.

Now, why they had to put a fancy name on racism, I have no idea.

If you dress a pig in pearls it devalues the pearls and don’t do shit for the pig.

Still, that’s cool.

I mean, whatever.

It doesn’t take much to see through those fools.

They’re the type dudes that publicly hate Niggers while privately watching cuck porn and wishing they could be the white girl gagging on that Black cock.

The pain must be tremendous.

My only issue is this: as usual, Liberals – who simply annoy me despite the fact that I’m a Registered Independent and I have neither a consistent affiliation nor a consistent thought – and niggas are the ones that are always rushing forward to attack and battle the Alt Right.

This makes no sense to me.

To me, Black people trying to battle racism are like marathon runners trying to battle cigarette smokers.

That shit has nothing to do with us.

Racism is a defect that’s the responsibility of the racist to fix.

I can’t say that shit enough.

The fact that niggas allowed ourselves to get saddled with the burden of getting rid of racism is a con I wish we’d get hip to.

And it’s along those lines that I say this – and this, I think, is my overall point:

If some buffoon were to suggest that “Black Power” was about murdering white people I’d rush in to check that fool.

Black Power, when applied properly, has absolutely nothing to do with white people.

Similarly, if I were a conservative and some group of jive-asses with Cassie haircuts came along claiming any at all parts of the “Right”, I’d shut that shit the fuck down immediately and tell them bozos to call themselves something else.

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