Is 21 Savage a Government Plant?


There are a lot of dead niggers in a 21 Savage song.

I mean, a lot.

On a song like Air it Out, you’ve gotta figure that unless you’re rolling with his crew, you’re one of the dead niggers.

That makes about 42 million dead niggers and if you’re not like me and don’t believe that “niggers” are an exclusively American phenomenon, then you’ve got another billion niggers in Africa, maybe between 35-40 million Afro-Latinos, then, who knows? some Australian Aborigines and maybe a few dead nappy headed East Indians.

And how big is 21 Savage’s crew, exactly?

If they plan on being the last niggas standing, are there at least enough of them to form a reasonable #BlackLivesMatter protest should one of them get shot by the cops?

I think the government gets nervous any time there’s too much Black solidarity.

When Tribe and the Native Tongues had shit on lock and groups like Public Enemy actually had niggas dancing to Protest Music, NWA inexplicably blew up.

Not that NWA wasn’t good, it’s just that the timing was peculiar.

Now, on the heels of some really progressive shit by Kendrick and that nutjob Kanye; well, actually before Kanye’s last offering we had Bobby Shmurda – and if he was a plant, his plight should make 21 Savage aware that the government can’t be trusted – killing a bunch of niggas to the tune of “Hot Nigga” while shmoney dancing to it.

And why exactly is it “niggas” that hafta get killed?

Why not “dudes” or “people” or “muhfuccas”?

You couldn’t kill “Jews” of “fags” on a song and expect that shit to get played on the radio.

Shit, you couldn’t even expect a song featuring dead Jews or fags to get released by a record label.

Ask Ice-T what happened to “Cop Killer“.

But really, what “Kill Nigger” Hip Hop does that’s worst of all is it numbs us to the  prospect of Black death.

Then when the cops kill one of us, we wake up looking crazy because we were just dancing to music that celebrated an act we’re now angry about.

Chris Rock made the joke that it amazed him that women could get up and dance to some of the most misogynistic songs arguing that the song in question “ain’t talk about me“.

In that same vein, we must not be those niggas.

It might be those Afro-Latinos and Hindus, Native Americans, shit, Asians, anybody who, because it’s the coolest word to say, have taken to referring to themselves as “niggas”.

Betcha this, tho: let some muhfuccin non-Blacks come looking to kill niggers and I guarantee you that all the aforementioned will do is point, not self-identify.

And that might be what really makes me question 21 Savage coming along spitting the shit he’s spitting.

The timing couldn’t be worse.

The election of Donald Trump just absolutely galvanized White Supremacist movement to the extent that, even if they ain’t got a brand new bag, they’ve at least got a brand new name, going by “Alt-Right” now.

And let’s say the Alt-Right were to join forces with cops – the ones that ain’t already cops – and start covert operations to wipe Black people out while simultaneously blaming our deaths on “Black-on-Black Crime”.

Would we even figure it out?

Or would we be too busy somewhere dancing?

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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