White Criminals Can be BEGGING FOR IT: Still, Cops Won’t Shoot


It’s tough not to laugh when you read about shit like the fact that Keith Semiday, some 42 year-old New York juicehead, got twisted on crystal meth then went on a literal rampage that forced an actual shut down of Manhattan-bound traffic on the Holland Tunnel just to deal with his crazy, high ass.

You don’t laugh maybe because you think of Keith Scott or Terence Crutcher or any other nigga that would be dead as a doornail, armed or unarmed, hands up or at his side, if some police officer simply took an active dislike toward him or felt “threatened“.

But really: this dude Semiday was actually trying to jack open car doors and what did the cops do?

Well, one brave Port Authority officer, a  cat named Brett Peppi, encountered Semiday mano a mano, wrestled him to the ground then held him till some other cops could join in on the action and slap the cuffs on him.

You gotta imagine they were careful while wrestling him, tho.

Wouldn’t wanna hurt him.

He was, after all, high.

Wasn’t in his right mind.

Couldn’t be blamed or found at fault for his actions.

He might even have a healthy lawsuit against the Port Authority should he choose to pursue it.

Then you read further and you see that this guy Semiday’s bail is only $5000 for doing some shit he certainly did while remembering that Rick Ross’ bail was 2 million for a bullshit kidnapping arrest.

Then you read further and you see that this guy Semiday has an arrest record more than 30 pages long, he’s been arrested in Connecticut 14 times alone and he even has an open case for an October 24th arrest for assault and drug possession.

It’s then you realize that there’s probably simply not enough room in jail for guys like Keith Semiday when there are certainly niggas that need to be imprisoned for life for turnstile jumping and urinating in public.

Like I wrote before, they couldn’t seem to make room for white rapists while the likes of Kodak Black were on the loose.

It’s become obvious to even those that have turned their metaphorical heads to avoid seeing that when you’re a white male – shout out to OG Martha Stewart – you hafta be Hitler/Heath Leger as “Joker”-level criminally insane before the American legal system will consider giving you any kind of real prison sentence.

It’s so bad, you’d think that some druid-based racially-centered awareness has availed itself to white people that allows them to understand that something’s in the making that will cause them to need literally every available red-blooded member of their tribe while trying to render indisposed or outright kill all outsiders.

Is Trump’s victory some sort of evidence that a foretold prophesy has come to pass?

I know that sounds crazy as hell, but what else explains it?

And no, of course I’m not suggesting that the police show the same pathological indifference to life when encountering white suspects that they show when encountering Black suspects, and strangely, I know that asking that they show the same restraint towards Black people that they show towards whites is out of the question, but given how obvious the disparity is in their efforts towards policing, the question isn’t why the likes of Colin Kaepernick take a knee to protest during the playing of the national anthem, but how anybody can stand for this shit?


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