J Cole’s Shot at Kanye is Just What the Doctor Ordered

Kanye West leaves St. Paul's Cathedral following the memorial service of Professor Louise Wilson.

“A man who has been the indisputable favorite of his mother keeps for life the feeling of a conqueror.”

–Sigmund Freud

Perhaps the main reason so many Black people don’t believe in mental illness is because we can’t imagine that a single slave got a day off from the cotton fields by claiming that shit.

In fact, according to the wisdom of the time, the “mentally ill” slaves were the ones with drapetomania or the desire to run away.

So Kanye West had to know better than to expect sympathy from many Black people for his “white people problems”, fellow MCs, you know, the direct competition, perhaps least of all.

What he probably didn’t expect was that it would be J. Cole, always, like early Drake, more of an olive branch MC than a battle rapper, that would be the one to send killer (verses) at his head.

On his new song “False Prophets”, and with a verse that could have only been directed at one man, J. Cole drops in on Kanye at the hospital like the first guys who tried to visit Don Corleone.

“When he tells us he’s a genius

but it’s clearer lately

It’s been hard for him

to look into the mirror lately”

It’s the specific line and most specifically word “genius” – the one Kanye gratuitously self-applies, that leaves little doubt who those words are aimed at.

Harsh indeed.

But already social media’s buzzing about “shots fired” and maybe that is what we just heard.

Then again, J Cole also labeled the MC he slandered – considering the outside possibility that it’s not Kanye West – as a former “hero, maybe”.

Could it have been “tough love” then?


And that’s sad because the person that Kanye would have naturally turned to for “tough love”, his mom, Donda West, died so tragically 9 years ago and the only other possible source of “tough love”, mentor Jay Z, is probably feeling some sort of way that prevents him from wanting to fuck with Kanye at all.

Remember, Kanye took some very direct shots not only at Hov but at Hov’s wife Beyonce from the stage on the night that he went off the deep end.

J Cole may also need Kanye at his best to keep himself motivated, sorta like how Hov once tried the same stunt with Nas to disasterous results.

Whatever the case, forgive me for being happy to see that not everybody’s ready to treat artists, that first wanted our attention, then wanted our (financial) support, then wanted our love, and now want our sympathies, with kid gloves.

This is the life that everybody asks for“, right Kanye?

A diss song coming from a notoriously borderline hotep MC was probably just what you needed to remind you that if William De Vaughn’s right and we should all just be thankful for what we’ve got, then you, having far more than most, are being a little ungrateful right now.

In the end, “False Prophets” may be better than a “get well” card.

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