Joe McKnight: Killed in the Flesh & About to be Killed in the Courts


Ostensibly, of course, we’re supposed to imagine that there’s some magical new “evidence” that the cops can and will gather about the recent murder of former New York Jets, former USC running back Joe McKnight.

Here’s all you need to know right now:

There was a road rage based argument, it didn’t get physical, but ultimately McKnight ended up dead and his murderer 54 year-old white motorist named Ronald Gasser who, by the way, has a road rage history, shot and killed Mr. McKnight, at first firing before getting out of his car, but firing the finishing shot while standing over Mr. McKnight and declaring “I told you not to fuck with me.”

Witnesses say that Mr. McKnight had been apologizing for the confrontation throughout.

Now some people are up in arms because despite the fact that Mr. Gasser was initially arrested, he was released overnight the same night after having committed the murder.

Odds are, he’s gonna plead “Stand Your Ground“, this time the New Orleans version of the bullshit Florida law that George Zimmerman was able to successfully claim when murdering teenager Trayvon Martin.

And here’s why he’ll walk:

Joe McKnight was approaching Ronald’ Gasser’s car.

That’s it.

There doesn’t even hafta be any more to it.

It’s amazing how a Black man has the ability to incite homicidal fear in white people and whenever it happens, the excuse for murder is immediately believed, no further explanation needed, case dismissed, everything is finished.

Never mind that Mr. McKnight could have been walking over to talk.

Never mind that Mr. McKnight was completely unarmed and Ronald Gasser, as you may have deduced, had a gun.

The psycho-sexual paranoia that a Black male arouses in far too many white Americans can turn deadly without any genuine provocation.

Again, fear.

Officer Betty Shelby, murderer of Terence Crutcher used this excuse.

She’ll tell us that she’s “never been so scared in my life” despite having her gun drawn on an unarmed man with his hands up, having a partner with a taser drawn on the same man and being aware of the recent arrival of backup officers, undoubtedly armed as well.

Realistically, it’s like she knew that if she didn’t shoot when she did, she’d soon have no excuse to.

Fear is also the excuse that George Zimmerman used despite the fact that he knew he was armed when he got out of his car to stalk and confront young Trayvon.

In a logical world and/or country, it could be easily proven that it was because of the personal arsenals of both George Zimmerman and Ronald Gasser that they literally forced confrontations, knowing in advance what the outcome would be.

But in this world and country, where we’re unfortunately subjected to the worst white people that God made anywhere – Europe’s rejects, criminals and insane – and where we have to finally admit that Dr. Frances Cress Welsing was right and a Black man’s dick is scarier than the biggest of guns, one must avoid jumping to logical conclusions.

If one did, one could postulate that it should indeed be Black people that shot randomly and recklessly when encountering white people, appropriately citing fear because, hey, they always seem to both want to and get away with killing us.

But nah, we’re left to point out that while Ron Gasser definitely killed Joe McKnight and is currently at home chilling, when another USC running back, feller by the name of OJ Simpson had only been accused of killing somebody – well, two people actually – he spent every night in jail until his trial was over.



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