Tyga Had to Know This Day Was Coming


I remember how right before I was about to fuck this married chick, a voice said to me, you know you’re gonna pay for this, right? And you also know that no matter how much you prepare for how much you’ll pay, the price’ll be higher than you can ever imagine?

“Bring it” I said, defiantly.

Homelessness later, I have no regrets, but this price has been a muhfucca.

Would I do it again? Probably not.

In fact, I’ve sworn off married chicks not that, you know, being homeless has made me a chick magnet or anything.

Similarly, Tyga had to know when he left his son’s mother, Blac Chyna to go Kardashian chasing that at best, nothing good would come of it and, at worse, something very bad might.

Enter 21 Savage.

He’s that “something very bad.”

You don’t leave your kid’s mom for some next chick.

That’s like Man Rule Number 7.

Even if you’ve got a weakness for hoes and you’ve gotta get new pussy constantly, you bring it on home to your family at night’s end.

Her leaving you is one thing, as is you two as a couple growing apart, but if even Don Corleone can tell you that “a man that doesn’t spend time with his family could never be a real man” then you can imagine how pathetic a man that puts his own pussy-getting interests before the interests of his children must be.

And Tyga probably thought that karma had already caught him when Blac Chyna, hooked up with fellow Kardashian family member Rob and subsequently had another child, this one a true Kardashian.

But Karma don’t work like that.

No, you pay tenfold in suffering for all your ill-gotten pleasures.

So now that 21 Savage, by my estimation a poseur – I’ve know a lot of killers in my life and ain’t none of them seem proud of it – but still reminiscent of a period in Hip Hop where Tyga’s “Rack City” ass and other strip club record-making MCs would flat-leave the set whenever real MC started to show up, has gone as far as to tell TMZ that he would “tear that ass up” when asked about Tyga’s girlfriend Kylie.

Now, Kylie can play social media ride-or-die all she wants but pretty soon, she’s gonna get tired of being the one doing all the heavy lifting.

Tyga’s gonna hafta step forward with more than just a diss song.

And whereas another MC might show up in Atlanta like Omar Little and go stomping from hood to hood and radio station to radio station literally calling this nigga out, Tyga’a not that type of rapper.

I mean, he’s not even the type who, like Tupac, would wait for the next award show to meet in person and handle things.

In fact, I predict he’ll do… nothing.

The ultimate humiliation.

So in the end, Tyga’s gonna lose his girl not only because he never should have started dating a girl he met when he was already a star and she was 14 or because, of course, he left his son’s mom to get with her, but because Kylie probably thought that when she started dating a rapper that she’d be getting a little bit more of a bad boy.

And what could be worse than a man that not only has the word “savage” as part of his name, but who also pulls a Clubber Lang to get your attention?

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