Don’t Cry About Walter Scott, Think About What You’ve Learned

There’s a scene in the movie A Beautiful Mind where Russell Crowe in the role of real-life mathematician John Nash argues against the traditional wisdom of economist Adam Smith that “the best result comes from everyone in the group doing what’s best from himself”.

Well, all I have to say to that is that Adam Smith was English.

If he’d been American as well as being white – which he was anyway –  his argument very well may have been that “the best result for me will ultimately lead to the best results for everyone else.”

And it’s against this background that the world from the white American perspective begins to make sense.

It’s how you can understand the mistrial of Michael Slager, the officer that shot an obviously fleeing Walter Scott.

You see, because if Officer Slager had been (rightfully) convicted of murder, what would Black people have learned?

That it’s cool to run from the cops.

So this little bit of negative reinforcement, from that perspective, has actually done us some good!

Never mind that Slager must have known that he was wrong, otherwise he’d have never concocted a story where he and Mr. Scott had actually fought over his taser and Mr. Scott was subsequently shot during a face-to-face confrontation – which video evidence so clearly proves otherwise – also throwing into question whether there was or wasn’t a “struggle” between Mr. Scott and Officer Slager beforehand as Officer Slager has suggested but now must be regarded as dubious because of his proven tendency to deal in untruths.

You, Black America, and all the rest of non-white America have learned that when dealing with police, put your hands up, do as told, and Terence Crutcher aside, you might not catch a hot one.

And there’s a whole history of this shit.

All of, in fact, American history is full of this shit.

Why, the very Indians from whom this land was jacked were ultimately deemed “wild” and “savage” and it was considered in their best interests that the whole spot be taken from them so that they might be, on a lot less land of course, subjected to all the benefits of “civilization” and “technology” and brought closer in comparison to “real” men by being, if even by dining on crumbs from the table, eating processed food.

Africans, of course, benefited from being enslaved and taken from their own state of sub-humanity, Christianized, given “real” names and “beautified” through continual and perpetual rape and miscegenistic reproduction.

Shit, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only nuked to save Japanese lives – never mind that nukes have never and would never be used against a fellow European nation – and if America’s ability to totally annihilate weren’t proven, America would ultimately have had to totally annihilate.

Stretch this concept out and you get all sorts of other lunacy like “trickle-down economics” or the idea that it’s best that the rich keep getting richer and richer so that their crumbs from the table can fall to us, the lumpenproletariat.

This gives you the mentality behind complete insane bullshit like the 2008 bailout.

So quit with your bellyaching and be happy that – this time at least – it was Walter Scott and not you that found yourself in Michael Slager’s scope.

And while there might be no exact way to handle a police encounter that will ensure your safety if you’re non-white, take comfort in the fact that, should the situation come to an ugly head, even your own death is for your own good.

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