Wait: Did Charlamagne Just Say that Black Women Weren’t Loud Enough???

Of course, dudes knew what he was up to from the door.

We weren’t fooled for a minute.

By attempting to negate the very existence of a strong, vibrant Black female feminist voice on the Web, what erstwhile radio host and general media personality Charlamagne Tha God was really doing was sliding a sideways compliment towards conservative hack Tomi Lahren when he tweeted:


It’s the same type bullshit you hear outta the mouths of niggas that, lacking courage to simply pursue and capture the white women that they love, blame the their attractions on the deficiencies of Black women.

You’ll hear them saying shit like, “Black women ain’t got no class,” to white bitches, oblivious to the possibility that if she’s a white woman with any sense at all, she’ll immediately question why me? since all white women, by default, have class and also perhaps wonder if the speaker has indeed tried every single Black woman in order to confirm this truth.

And I’m not here to cape for Black women; there are as many deadbeats among their ranks as there are stellar women of virtue, it’s just wholesale praise or slander that I’ve always got a problem with.

Now, to his credit, I’m not even sure if Charlamagne is even into white hoes but that was still his play and he’d be a liar to deny it.

What’s worse tho is if he were speaking what he genuinely believed to be true.

If that’s the case, he should be demoted from whatever position he holds anywhere and actively denounced and ridiculed.

As a writer, in addition to seeking information and entertainment through reading, my third endeavor is keeping tabs on the competition.

So the responsibility for someone in Charlamagne’s field isn’t to be looking for lefty Black feminists as much as telling us where they are.

He should know already.

Shit, right off the top of my head I can think of Aweseomely Luvvie, Jamilah Lemieux and novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I’m writing this part of my blog on my iPhone in the “notes” section so no, I haven’t used a search engine to cheat.

(I would later, of course, to get some of the spellings of those names right, but that’s beside the point)

If I had to do the same shit but for guys I’d give you Very Smart Brothas, Wesley Morris, David Remnick – who’s not Black but keeps me on my toes – and my man Zander over there at Acrosstheculture, always the first place to check for the latest pop phenomenons.

To suggest that Black women, of all people, don’t have a loud lefty feminist voice is not only lazy, it’s just dumb.

Personally, I think the last thing we need is another lefty Black female.

I hate liberals.

Not that I am or can even stomach conservatives, but if I had to define my own political philosophy, I’d probably call my perspective Objective Cynicism.

Objective because I consider each issue on a case-by-case basis rather than toeing some preconstructed ideological viewpoint.

Cynicism because I was born Black in America so I know better than to take anything anybody says or does at face value.

Now that’s the Black female voice I wanna hear.

I know she’s out there too.

Maybe Charlamagne can help me find her.

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