Is the KKK Filing Against Blac Chyna Racist?


On the surface, of course, it seems like Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s legal filing against Blac Chyna is a very explicit way of saying, “We don’t want you dirtying up our name, Nigger.”

But looked at from a legal perspective, the Kardashian sisters actually have a leg to stand on.

Under the assumption that it’s somehow possible that you don’t know a born-Kardashian from one that only recently assumed the name; like Blac Chyna, born Angela Renee White is attempting to do by trademarking the name Angela Renee Kardashian, then anything that Blac Chyna endorses or commercializes as Angela Renee Kardashian could be mistakenly attributed as a “traditional” Kardashian endorsement and therefore affected in a way that the Kardashian name has traditionally affected it’s products and deals.

Three other key perspectives in the filing also give insights into the sisters’ point of view:

“The applicant is deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity of opposers’ Kardashian marks.”


Some Black chick calling herself Angela Renee Kardashian “is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive consumers.”


The, er, real Kardashians “will suffer damage including irreparable injury to their reputation and goodwill if the opposed mark is allowed to register.”

Naturally, if fiance Rob Kardashian marries Blac Chyna, this all becomes moot.

In the meantime, It would be interesting to see how the courts would rule.

It’s well known that Blac Chyna is already mom to a son due to a former relationship with Tyga, younger sister Kylie Jenner’s current boyfriend.

However, this filing also implies a moral decorum to the Kardashian family name that’s simply not there.

I mean, shit, the first Kardashian that came into our consciousness after father Robert who we only kinda heard of because he was one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers, was Kim.

And how’d we get to know her?


And that wasn’t even her husband, of which, she’s had three.

I mean, this woman’s been in more high profile relationships than Cleopatra.

The next sister, Kourtney, seems to be the only one that realizes that God also made white men.

But even she’s an unwed mother of three by Scott Disick, a filthy drunkard, but seemingly nice dude.

Khloe, so ugly a duckling she makes Daffy look like Rihanna, not only bounces from NBA dick to NBA dick, but she also insists that while she’s bouncing, whatever dick she just got off of remain faithful.

Remember, this is the chick that broke up with James Harden because she heard he was cheating, yet they were dating while she was still married to Lamar Odom.

Even mom Kris has so many bones in her closet you’d think that’s where Nicole and Ron Goldman are decomposing – ok, that one was in bad taste, even for me.

But seriously, Khloe might not be Robert’s daughter because you were fucking a few different dudes at the time she was conceived and one of them was OJ?

So nah, even Mary Madeleine couldn’t disgrace the Kardashian family name on some morality shit.

Legally however, the jury’s still out (ba-dumb-bump!)

Still, one wonders if this filing would have gone into the books if Taylor Swift had been Rob’s baby-mom and she applied for a similar trademark.

Also, if you think that because they love Black men that they can’t hate Black women, think of some of the dudes you know that love white women and consider their views on white men.

So in answer to the question I posed in my subject line: yeah.

Of course it is.

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