Young Thug’s Coontime Antics Show Why Rappers Go Broke

Nigga, not only are you insulting potential fans – and a whole continent of Black people, let’s not forget that – but if you’re gonna offer $15,000 to everybody that you feel hasn’t shown you the proper respect, show me where the line starts.

And the truth is, that little jive-ass scene at the airport probably went both ways.

Them hoes probably said something a little slick, but then you went off the deep end.

Calling them “ants” and “peasants”, saying the one chick’s hair was “nappy” and like an “African”?

You notice they just let you go, right?

With the cameras on, they got to look like the victims.

Now how many Black female fans you gonna lose over that shit?

How many African fans?

And I got sadder news still: you’re not that hot.

The only album I know of yours from front to back was 2015’s Barter 6 and, quite honestly, it was a good album.

It wasn’t good enough to put you in the elite class with J. Cole, Future, Drake, Kendrick and Kanye, but one can see why you have fans.

And here’s a thought that may not have occurred to you: there have been other rappers in the past, as nice as you are now or better, that simply stopped being important.

The public moved on, got new tastes, grew up.

So to think your current wave will carry you into infinity demonstrates a poor grasp of history.

Doesn’t work that way.

There’s always a new batch of kids right behind the current crop and they want their own MCs.

You become their older brother’s or, worse yet, their father’s music.

I’m gonna rattle off a list of MCs; tell me how many names you recognize: Super Lover Cee, Ace Juice, Chingy, T-La Rock, Dana Dane, Memphis Bleek, Black Rob, MC Ren, MC Lyte, Kid Hood, Royce Da 5’9″, The DOC, Juvenile, Gillie Da Kid, Kardinal Offishall, Smoothe Da Hustler, The Large Professor, Ace Hood, Kool G Rap, Masta Ace, Canibus, Schoolly D, Marvelous, Chill Rob G, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Tracey Lee, The Madd Rapper, Kurtis Blow, Kool Moe D, K-Solo, Keith Murray, Spoonie Gee, Just Ice, Mystikal, Petey Pablo, Magoo, Big Syke, Lil Cease…

And those were just soloist.

Imagine I started rattling off the names of individual group members.

And the thing is, scarier than the names you don’t recognize, should be the names you do.

Outside of Jarobi, I can’t think of a single rapper that ever gave up MCing because they got a better job.

No, everybody else was still in there fighting to remain relevant until the bitter end.

Then, when you’re no longer selling, you start to think about all the ways you sabotaged and shortened your career yourself and all the ways you’ve blown money.

You start to feel bad about the people you insulted, realizing that each of those missed record sales adds up.

Most of all, you think of all the times you did dumb shit and all the people that took you up on the offer when you shoved $15,000 in their faces to prove a point that would have actually been proven if you’d employed a little humility and patience: that you are, in fact, a man worthy of respect.

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