Logan Clark & Do #AllLivesMatter or Should the Cops Have Blown This Boy’s Brains Out?


When it comes to the police, I’m like a white person that criticizes Black athletes by calling them “overpaid” and having all sorts of suggestions as to what they should do with their money.

So basically, because I could never be one myself, I pretty much expect the cops to be Supermen, capable of great amounts of restraint, but also able to lunge into danger, kick ass and make arrests, barely if ever resulting to gunplay unless actively being fired upon, and then taking down the suspect and just the suspect with one well timed and well placed shot.

Of course, cops ain’t like that at all.

They’re degenerate sociopaths with daddy issues, clowns with low self-esteem, borderline and overt racists who can’t wait to get their hands on a gun with dreams of how they’ll eventually use it on a Nigger and a couple of decent eggs that just weighed the benefits versus the drawbacks and decided, 20 years then retirement? Shit, I can do that on my head and be on to some next money making venture.

So it hurts my heart whenever I see that the cops have shot somebody, their tendency, of course, being to shoot Black people – that’s one they’ll always get away with – but I don’t like it when they shoot anybody that’s not already shooting at them.

Call me a bleeding heart.

And now they’ve gone and shot a 14 year-old white boy.

Now, from the video, and to me – I think it’s imperative that I stress that this is my own personal viewpoint – it seems like Logan Clark was high as a kite.

The freshman at Hug High School out in Reno, Nevada was waiving a knife around like a madman and unless he’d gone completely batshit – which is another argument – my money  would be on drugs being a factor.

The word is that he was bullied.

Ok, so he attacks an entire fucking school for that?

Shit, the movie Moonlight just showed us what happens when a nigga snaps from being bullied too much.

“Chiron” becomes “Black”, but in the meantime, he focuses his vengeance on his attacker(s).

And now here comes the tricky part: the boy’s father, Justin Clark, is already positioning himself for some kinda cash payout, arguing, that the cop that shot Logan should have tried a less lethal form of restraint at first, like a taser.

That particular complaint should probably clang like a Shaq free throw off the ears of the Black Lives Matter movement and other people who have simply grown tired of seeing, hearing about, reading about and knowing about Black people, armed, unarmed, violent, friendly or indifferent, that have met their demise at the hands of American law enforcement and as a result have received nothing even vaguely resembling justice.

Like I said, even I don’t believe that Logan Clark should have been shot.

I’d have loved to have seen a cop jump into the frame to dropkick that muhfucca then beat him to within an inch of his life with a baseball bat or a baton or just kick him in the mouth repeatedly.

Still, complaining about young Mr. Clark’s shooting in the circles I run in would be like complaining about the thread count of your sheets to somebody that sleeps in a cardboard box.

You had a knife-wielding boy that was clearly a danger to the people around him.

He got clapped and it was justifiable.

He’s still alive too.

Big difference between this and the type shit that niggas are used to.

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