WTF? Obama STILL Ain’t Pardon Marcus Garvey???

Barry, quite honestly by now I thought Assata Shakur would be living in Brooklyn.

I expected Mumia Abu-Jamal to have a spot up near Temple some place.

Shit, I thought you might have even had Colin Ferguson‘s crazy ass stashed somewhere; Alabama or some place that’s nowhere near Long Island, around the kind of white people he might even be a little intimidated by.

The last thing I expected was that now, 8 years in, you still haven’t pardoned Marcus Garvey.

That shoulda been the first thing you did when you got in the door; you coulda whispered it to somebody to get it done on January 20, 2009 and had it happen in silence, then quietly mentioned it, like, when you took your honorary from Howard or some shit.

“Ya’ll know I had Marcus Garvey pardoned, right? Yeah, I did that shit a while ago…”

Dude, you probably know better than anyone that the only reason those trumped up charges and the bullshit deportation that eventually cost us the great Mosiah became necessary was because of how close he was to actualizing his intention.

Shit, if the fact that he seemingly had to be deported proves anything, it’s my old opinion that the last thing racists want, especially the ones that clamor for it the loudest, is for Black Americans to go, ahem, back to Africa.

We may not be loved in America, but we’re definitely needed.

We are the designated bottom of the barrel.

And a barrel without it’s bottom is just a long, wooden hole.

Look at the charge against Garvey: mail fraud.

Then look at why: because the ship he was using in his Black Star Line brochure, a joint he planed to rechristen the Phillis Wheatley, wasn’t paid for yet.

This, as J. Edgar Hoover, then of the BI before the ‘F’, would later argue constituted fraud despite the fact that the ship was actually in the process of being purchased but since all the legal proceedings began against Mr. Garvey it never was.

Shit, Garvey’s UNIA or Universal Negro Improvement Association, already had a ship and bought more.

That’s what brought them into Hoover’s radar in the first place. He knew they were serious. And because they were serious, they had to be stopped.

Imagine if even part of the masses of Black people left America.

The notion that there was some humanitarian or even spiritual value that was of benefit to the African once he became enslaved falls on it’s head.

We’re no longer a people that needed (and enjoyed) whatever it’s been suggested that slavery allegedly provided for us.

Our leaving proves that argument wrong.

And that argument could simply not be proven wrong.

As our rapists, America had to believe that we “really wanted it“.

So, President Obama, enough talk.

I’m tired of defending you now.

I mean, I knew better than to expect you to be more than a politician, a borderline effective one at that.

I knew better than to think you’d change the world or even improve things on more than a psychic or visceral level.

What I did expect you to be and what you’ve been for the most part is competent; and overwhelmingly so.

Still, I also expected that as your second term wound down, we’d start to see more of a nigga.

Well nigga, you’ve only got a few weeks left.

Da fuck are you waiting for?

The Marcus Garvey conviction and subsequent deportation couldn’t have been more of a railroad if hundreds of Chinese had died working on it.

It absolutely begs your pardon.

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