Gucci Mane, Lying on Your Dick, Angela Yee & Who to Believe

Guys are visual so we have a hard time understanding that women can be attracted to men for other reasons than looks or even money.

Take Gucci: guy’s no Tyson Beckford. He’s not even a Mike Tyson. And before his unfortunate prison sentence, my man even had a bit of a gut.

Add to that the fact that, despite the rabidness of his fanbase, the guy’s not the best bar-for-bar MC.

But if he’s to be believed, not only did he fuck an up and coming Nicki Minaj, but, as we heard today via a Breakfast Club interview, none other than Angela Yee, a woman who likes to come across as if her pussy’s on another planet and you’d need to pay intergalactic travel fees before you’d even be considered, was on his dick.

Ms. Yee, of course, denied all this – which I personally think was a mistake; and I’ll get to that – but people are taking sides on the likelihood.

Lying on your dick is so lame that it should cost you ten pieces of pussy in the future for every girl you misspoke on today.

Besides, even admitting to having fucked a girl – whether you did or not – is so crass that I’m surprised that anybody still does that shit.

I remember when, years back, some radio station cornered Shaq so he “admitted” to fucking Venus Williams, Aaliyah, and Cindy Crawford.

Venus and Aaliyah – who was still alive at the time – just let it ride, but Cindy Crawford’s white, supermodel ass damn sure wasn’t about to let her product/image get devalued by sexual association with some NBA gorilla and sure enough, the very next day Shaq was issuing apologies.

With a guy like Shaq, it’s easy to imagine how chicks might think, well, this nigga’s 7 feet, wonder what the pole looks like?

But Gucci?

And don’t make the mistake of imagining it’s just his celebrity.

Remember, Gucci Mane is an actual killer, fuck a “bad boy image”.

He does rap and is good at it.

Plus there’s also his swag; a dated and antiquated concept but perfect in this sense because it conveys the idea of a self-awareness that goes beyond confidence, approaching almost an ordained sensibility of self worth and value.

You get the feeling about Gucci that he honestly believes that if he were in a cipher with Nas, Hov, Em, Big and Pac, he’d burn all them niggas (and Eminem).

That feeling of preternatural self-importance is tangible.

And while women are drawn to that shit like flies, men will look at an ugly chick who has it like she’s crazy.

Now, here’s where women have it twisted and Angela Yee fucked up:

See, women think that we want them so perfect that they’d never even entertained certain offers.

Meanwhile, guys are so “body count” obsessed that we don’t care why you didn’t fuck some nigga, we’re just glad you didn’t.

Shit, ya’ll mighta been buck naked and the nigga’s dick didn’t get hard, but as long as you ain’t fuck him, Thank God!

So if I were Angela Yee, even if Gucci was lying (which I doubt), I wouldn’t have denied his statements but taken them further.

I’d have been like, “It’s too bad we didn’t hook up that night cause I wouldn’t sucked you off like there was no tomorrow. Then I’d have rode your dick like a stolen motorcycle.”

Then, thirst trap set, when Gucci said something in private after the show – like you know he would – that’s when I’d have told him to get the fuck outta my face.

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