If You Think Joe Mixon Shouldn’t Have Punched this Chick then You’re NOT a Feminist

Yes, I defended both Ray Rice and Chris Brown so you already know where I’m going with this one.

And I don’t even like Ray Rice or Chris Brown.

Still, I’m such a soft mushy pacifist that I honestly believe that whenever anybody initiates physical violence, they themselves have opened the door to all the ugly, brutal and vicious things that follow.

I am not one of those “a man should never hit a woman” clowns because there’s shit that women can do that should allow for them to get their asses thoroughly whupped.

Imagine some chick was setting your baby on fire.

What are you gonna do, plead with her to stop?

If you grab her, it’s assault.

Guess it’s “burnt baby” for you, not me though.

Rihanna shouldn’t have hit Chris, Ray Rice’s then-fiance shouldn’t have spit on him and we just watched a young woman in a video with Oklahoma Sooners running back Joe Mixon, hit him not once, but twice.

She shouldn’t have done that either.

In my opinion, there should be a question that immediately pops into your head which I’ll actually pose at the very end of this piece and we can see if we’re of a similar accord – not that that would be the biggest compliment to you.

Of course, by defending all these miscreants, you might think I defend or even condone their actions.

That simply ain’t the case.

Don Corleone once famously said, “Women and Children can be careless, but not men.”

And chief among the “cares” that men should have greater control upon than women is restraint.

I mean, we all act like we’d like and we’re pushing for a society and world with gender equality, but how can we condone that sentiment if we allow for women to attack men with impunity while the man that retaliates becomes the villain?

We’ve gotta pick one or the other.

Either women are the fairer sex and should be protected from man’s occasional savagery, or they’re equals and should get punched in the fucking mouth.

And those are the grounds within I rest my defense.

We’re raising our men to be more confused than our women – and that’s a statement.

And it’s really simple if you allow yourself to stop being manipulated by the agendas at play.

Women and men are of equal human value.

In fact, if one were better, it would be women if only for their ability to make more people.

The idea that one or the other should be paid differently for doing the exact same work is patently absurd.

However, with that ability to make more people comes greater responsibility towards the guidance of those made people.

I mean, shit bitch, you carried the nigga for nine months!

You’re closer to him than I am.

I just met him when you dumped him out.

You’re his first connection with everything including God and the world.

I’m just the nigga that comes around and makes a face when he shits on himself.

Meanwhile, since I’ve been gifted with the more random physical strength, I’ma go dunk this basketball, and kill us a water buffalo for dinner tonight.

Joe Mixon was, of course, convicted of a misdemeanor for the 2014 assault and suspended from the Sooners for the entire 2014 season.

The young lady that’s so clearly seen physically attacking him on video is named Amelia Molitor.

And feminists or anyone else that claim to believe in gender equality should be begging the question what Oklahoma University or the law for that matter did to her?

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