Blac Chyna Must Have Her Eyes on Trump

Doing the nearly impossible and failing upward like almost no Black person ever does must have Blac Chyna positively brimming with confidence.

I mean, she went from being the Baby Mama of a rapper who’s career was born with a foot in the grave to being the Baby Mama of a Kardashian, the only male heir in fact, so it becomes difficult to judge her if she couldn’t resist trying to see what else was possible.

We’ve seen this sorta thing before.

In another weirdo interracial coupling, quarterback Robert Griffin III apparently only recently got the memo that after get more money, you get more options, and whereas you felt that he picked his cute but Plain Jane former wife and the mother of his child by selecting any white girl that would have his Nigger ass, the big money new contract that he signed with the Browns in the off-season seemed to make him aware that now blondes were even possible!

So, of course, he dumped the wife and now he sucks.

No, he sucked anyway, it’s just that now he’s an asshole and he sucks.

But back to Blac:

Sorry former stripper but you get no sympathy here.

And it’s not just that I’m a chauvinist and my natural tendency is to side with dudes and I’ve got no women to try to impress by writing some bitch-ass flowery bullshit about how men are always to blame, but my heart felt like it was breaking listening to your boy moaning on Instagram about how he only wanted to be with his baby for Christmas.

And saying “that’s how men become pimps/heartless” is a blank in this case.

Sometimes you don’t recover enough for that.

And while you might have thought you’d amply justified yourself by calling your former fiance out on his mental health issues, what you were really doing was making yourself look weak.

You don’t sign up to become a weightlifter and then start complaining that the weights should lose weight.

Similarly, you knew your boy had all the problems he had when you got with him but – and if we’re gonna believe in this case your interest was genuine and not, as is widely speculated, a petty move to get back at your ex Tyga over getting with a Kardashian/Jenner himself – you got with him anyway, thereby making his weight your weight.

And vise versa.

I mean, considering that he was already taking you on as the mother of some cornball’s child, he was almost bound to have some problems.

It should have become your life’s work to get that drug addicted slob on his feet again, quitting by no means, and then showing (again) to the world the wonders of a Black woman’s love.

Poor pathetic sap has been surrounded by whores his whole life from his mother and including all five of his sisters and your own Hit List/Body Count, Blac Chyna, is absolutely spectacular.

He was bound to have some flareups of insecurity over that sorta shit – most men do – just talk him down.

A reasonable man doesn’t mind who you’ve fucked so long as he’s the only one currently fucking you.

I mean, am I the only freak who really believes in #BlackGirlMagic?

Shit, we just watched the last two NBA Finals play out between the contrasting styles of two Black women.

The first Finals was taken by the pride and histrionics of Ms. Ayehsa Curry.

The next went to the behind-the-scenes Vito Corleone-control of Savannah James.

It’s time to make your boy a winner, Blac Chyna.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.

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