Tupac Was Killed By University Medical Center & Other Shit I thought Everybody Knew


Nobody I know likes it when I get into my thing about why I hold Bill Clinton firmly responsible for the murders of both The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac citing, of course, COINTELPRO as the justification and using as one of my arguments the fact that Bill Clinton thoroughly enjoyed the status even Toni Morrison admits she mistaken thrust upon his ass as the “First Black President.”

COINTELPRO, as ya’ll remember, was the shit the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover himself instituted which both justified and authorized spying and was the outright culprit in the death of Fred Hampton and, as current mayor of Newark, New Jersey Ras Baraka succinctly put it, was created in the wake of Malcolm X’s death to ensure that there’d never be another “Black Messiah.”

Well, it’s done it’s goddamn job.

And whether I’m right or wrong about Clinton – I’d argue I’m right – how can you deny that it must have been a muhufucca for an outsider to look on and see that two young rap niggas were so dynamic that they could start a beef that would ultimately put both coasts of this fine country of ours at odds.

And see, that wasn’t the problem.

Oh no, just like you can bet your last money that if John Lennon had lived long enough, either out of boredom or because somebody would have put together an irresistible amount of cash, the Beatles would have sure as shit eventually reunited, the Revolutionary half of Tupac’s Thug/Revolutionary paradigm would have eventually concluded that he and his message were stronger with Biggie as an acolyte than a foe and they would have eventually come to a truce.

This could not be allowed to happen.

The only other issue would be, unlike the fiasco that happened in the wake of Dr. King’s shooting where Jesse Jackson – deadbeat bar none – was able to turn his association with King and the murder – was he the rat that positioned Doc on the terrace of the hotel to be shot that day in Memphis? – into a longtime leadership role and even a preposterous Presidential campaign, there couldn’t be any chances taken with Biggie.

He had to die too.

And fuck ISIS or Al Qaeda, Black Unity is America’s worst nightmare and accordingly, using that asshole, loser, derelict, buffoon of a government agent Suge Knight – how else you think a nigga that oafish has been allowed to stay alive this long? – Pac was famously shot in Vegas September 7, 1996.

Now here’s the problem:

Pac had already been shot.


The reason for the beef between him and Biggie was because he thought Big and P Diddy – then Puff Daddy – had been in on his shooting in the elevator of the Quad Studios on November 24th, 1994.

Remember how he reacted then?

He was so paranoid that all he allowed for was the doctors to remove the bullets then he called his people and had them wheel him out of the hospital less than 24 hours later, all shot the fuck up, 5 bullets in him, crazy.

Now, knowing that, you’re gonna try to tell me that a guy that was still aware enough to be talking when they brought him into the University Medical Center and could even open his eyes to greet his fiance, a man that was strong enough to last 6 full days after the shooting would all of a sudden on that sixth day up and decide to die?




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