Bill O’Reilly Plays the Race Card & Winds Up the Big Joker

To hear some folks tell it, you’d expect Black people to be the ones that blindly voted along the lines of race loyalty, giving us a Black Democrat being perfect, but still slavish enough toward the Democratic ticket to support any candidate that they produce overwhelmingly and in each election.

White people, by contrast, or simply because by now, we’re supposed to have figured that whatever Black people are doing, white people are doing the photographic negative, are alleged to vote along more nuanced lines; they’re supposed to vote for issues and due to certain ideologies.

Then Bill O’Reilly comes along yesterday and tells me that that’s wrong and that white people vote for white shit.

In defending Republican Donald Trump’s Presidential win – which really, needs no defense – O’Reilly stepped up to attack critics of the age old Electoral College method of selecting a President because it has come under fire recently due to the fact that Democrat Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by going on 3 million.

“Summing up,” he argued, “Left wants power taken away from the ‘White Establishment’.”

This, after arguing that “The heart of liberalism in America today is based on race.”

Jesus, man; that’s like a cop arresting a coke dealer after sharing a toot from his spoon!

Never mind that earlier in the same rant O’Reilly made a borderline compelling argument that since all the, ahem, minorities are concentrated in major cities, without an Electoral College, a crafty Dem could campaign exclusively in those cities and win the popular vote time and time again.

And why not?

If they’d pay me more to visit New York than Idaho, cost of living being the same, I’d be a fool spend as much time in Idaho as New York.

The issue Bill O’Reilly didn’t address because he was too busy compounding upon it was why so many, ahem, minorities continue to vote Democrat?

Pure American politics are supposed to be devoid of race, with the possible exception of Strom Thurmond’s old State’s Rights Democratic Party.

I mean, I’m just a moron with a blog not a political strategist at all, but why does it seem impossible for Republicans to realize that most Black people, if only due to religion, are naturally conservative?

We’d rock with school prayer, we’ll take some guns, gay marriage ain’t in the bible and neither is abortion.

No, Bill O’Reilly, you’re dead wrong; it’s been the Republicans all along – I knew it was you, Fredo – that have, since Nixon’s Southern Strategy, turned politics into something that was exclusively the provenance of race.

I mean, call a Spade a Spade – and don’t pardon a single fucking pun.

If the Republicans weren’t so obsessed with being the “White People’s Party”, they’d have long ago recruited some young wholesome Black family man, maybe an athlete or something, a Hip Hop head to be sure and with a Black wife as an absolute must – for Black female voters, of course and made him a “new” face of the party.

This would prove that conservatism is the true ideology of the Republican Party and not racism.

As it is, you’d think one dude (or female) would be able to sway a good half of Black America’s 42 million with a position as simple as, “Why do we continually vote Democrat? They’re not gonna give us free stuff and even if they were to, we shouldn’t want it.”

If I were a true conservative and a Republican, I’d be in LeBron’s ear right now.

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