Black People Should Only Call the Cops If We’re Turning Ourselves In

Maybe the whole thing bothers me so much because I feel as if I just wrote about how we, as Black people, would have to handle hate crimes the old-fashioned way, but I had to watch this horrible video: wait, I didn’t have to watch it, but I was reading Shaun King’s description of the action and thought that I probably should and then subsequently came away feeling the exact opposite of the way I’m sure I was supposed to feel.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, seeing a Texas mom and her daughter dragged away in handcuffs after calling the police to report that some white man had choked the mom’s 7 year-old son, was more than a little disturbing, but the audio to the video made the whole thing even harder to stomach.

Coaching the mom as I was from my seat here in the library, I was praying that she wouldn’t lose her cool, but moreover, it seemed like she was talking way too much.

State your case.

Do it quickly.

Then stand in silence.

Still, after she eventually got to the root of the matter, complaining that the white man with the beard had choked her son because the white man had accused her son of littering and the cop took the side of the white man (no surprises here) by asking why the mom hadn’t taught her son not to litter, I was hoping for the impossible yet still saddened upon not seeing it.

I wanted a “That’s your response? Well, thank you very much for your time, officer” from the mom.

Then you get on the phone, call the most dangerous people you know and have them handle it.

What I got, however, was what ensued.

And see, it’s here where I’d like to think that a father or even an uncle or just an older Black man on the scene could have made a difference.

If that poor family had access to a man things probably wouldn’t have had to go as far as the cops.

Some dude could have showed up, whispered to the white man with the beard and that white man would have been a nonentity for the rest of his time in the neighborhood.

But no, we got arrests, no, we got histrionics, and here’s the hardest part to write: it was literally difficult to feel any sympathy for the family because the sister that was doing the filming was yelling and screaming obscenities at the officer as he committed such heinous acts of brutality.

Silent filming, with maybe an occasionally croaked “Oh my God” would have been much more compelling.

As we have it, this video’s almost sure to drum up sympathies for the psychopathic cop.

See how hard a job they have?

To have to deal with “those” people?

What you have to hope isn’t missed is that a man old enough to have a full beard assaulted a 7 year-old and that the cop, much like the police that saw John McGraw sucker-punch Rakeem Jones at that Carolina Trump rally, was totally derelict in his duties of either arresting or even questioning the suspect.

The dude with the beard didn’t even bother to deny he’d choked the kid.

If anything, he looked completely nonplussed.

And expect him to be totally lost in the shuffle of lawsuits for false arrest and imprisonment, claims of police brutality and calls for the officer’s job.

He might as well start a career as a bank robber.

So long as Black people are always the ones that call the cops.

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