Black Racists Stay Strangely Silent as White Racist Lose Their Muhfuccin Minds over State Farm Ad

You’d never know it from the overwhelmingly white racist reactions to an ad that the insurance company State Farm ran today, but there are a lot of Black people that really don’t fuck with the idea of interracial dating (and marriage).


And while I really don’t intend to deal with any possible “agenda” at play when companies run these sorts of ads – at least not in this post – I would like to deal with what I believe are the two reasons that when they do run, white racists go on the attack while Black racists go silent.

  1. Black people are generally thought to have such a low opinion of ourselves that we see the mixed inclusion of any other kind of blood as an improvement
  2. Whenever some advertising company devises an add that appears on social media, white racists turn out in such numbers and with such vehemence that any nigga that was ready to say “fuck that bullshit” gets defensive instead and finds himself retaliating in defense of the ad.

That second scenario, of course, is like my favorite scene from The Bridge Over the River Kwai where after Alec Guinness’ character, in his move to prove the superiority of the English in everything to his Japanese captors, builds and execellent bridge for the Japs, the actually defends his bride by taking up arms against his own allied forces when they come to destroy the bridge.

Guinness’ character eventually comes to his senses and destroys the bridge himself but it’s almost too late.

Similarly, Black racists get so defensive over slights to Black people that often, I think, they forget that they share very similar viewpoints with white racists.

The races should be separated, interracial marriage is some bullshit, everybody should go back to where they come from; Africans and Europeans.

Like them or not, Black racists are just as crazy as any other kind of racists and their feelings of superiority have just as much grounding – none.

Personally, I’m not crazy about interracial dating myself, unless, of course, it ends up being the one that worked.

What I mean by that is, like, say, Eddie Murphy; this guy done dicked down, made babies with and married every kind of Black woman from biracial to brown-skinned and now, finally, he seems to have found true love in a blonde stunner with a nice ass.

Can’t be mad at him for that.

What’s a little unnerving is the Black guy that’s a serial white woman chaser and still, the only reason that’s troubling is because while certainly a self-esteem issue, he actually sees his love of white girls as affirpmation of a positive self-esteem whereas the opposite is most certainly the case.

See, because if he really thought he was all that, he’d think everything about himself was incredible including and maybe even especially the vessel that brought him.

I started to say something like that in the comments section of that State Farm ad myself but I got so put off by all the shit I was reading, that I ended up…


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