Serena Williams’ Engagement & The Elephant in the Room


I’m wondering now is it myth to believe that while Black men will notoriously abandon any sense of racial allegiance and grab the first white thing they see the minute they have two nickels to rub together, Black women, regardless of status, circumstance or profile, will hold us down, marry us, nurture us and provide whatever other borderline natal services you’d think would come with mothering instead of coupling.

And, of course, even if that myth is a fallacy, it’s reinforced by the programming that teaches us that in surveys and on dating cites, across the spectrum of women, Black women are universally panned as the least desirable, putting them in position that they should, at the very least, feel lucky when we’re available and grateful when we’ll take them.

Still, there’s a whole school of thought that alleges that Black women are even more traitorous than we, using notions like the idea that when a Black chick’s with a white man, she never gives him the type of attitude that she’d give a nigga.

A simple counter to that would be that the type of Black chicks that date white men aren’t the type that necessarily date niggas, but is that true?

Serena Williams got engaged to Alexis Ohanian, a Reddit co-founder, this on the heels of a few high profile relationships with Black dudes like LaVar Arrington, Drake and Common so you can’t say she never gave a Black man a chance.

Then again, she also dated movie director Brett Ratner; sexy from only a financial perspective; if even then.

And yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; self-esteem is an issue here because if it weren’t, Black superstars wouldn’t feel compelled to settle for white nobodies.

You ever see them in pictures smiling like “Look! I got one!”, like they’re holding up a big fish or maybe a trophy or some shit – the trophy being more appropriate, or, who knows? maybe the fish is actually more appropriate – and seeming like whatever else they did in their lives until that moment pales (pardon the pun) in comparison?

A Tiger Woods would marry the daughter of a billionaire or an award winning actress, musician, scientist, doctor or lawyer and not a… nanny.

A nanny that, by the way, ran a play right from the “scam a nigger” playbook in that she married him, shat out exactly two kids, then stopped fucking him altogether knowing that it would only be a matter of time before he almost physically had to fuck somebody else.

Then she got to play the injured party and bounce with half the cash, fuck even any talk of some Kobe-type shit where there’s the possibility of reconciliation, pay me walking.

And now we’ve got a Black female who’s the greatest tennis player of all time, male or female, and she’s engaged to…


Zac Efron?

Kristaps Porzingis?

No, no, and no.

Well, which website did he co-found, nigga:




No, no, and he wishes.

I wanna say that it was Diahann Carroll that explained away her marrying Italian Vic Damone by saying that there were no Black men “on her level.”

That statement, of course, could have two meanings.

But fuck a Black man, with as great as she is, there’s nobody period on Serena Williams’ level.

Whoever she married, she would have been settling.

Still, when you settle, you normally take the next best thing.

And somehow I feel that there were a few better things available for Serena, just maybe none in her color.

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