Killer Claus in Turkey Makes You Wonder if Terrorist are Ever Atheists


Much like when you think of the running back and defensive back positions in football, you think of Black athletes, now whenever you think of mass shootings or really, terrorism in general, you think of Islam.

Is that fair however?

So in the wake of the madman that dressed as Santa Claus on New Year’s Eve and killed 39 people in Turkey, let’s begin to wonder before we’re literally forced to believe otherwise, was this guy necessarily Islamic?

I mean, Adam Lanza wasn’t Muslim and by killing 20 teachers and first graders, he committed one of the sickest acts of the last 100 years.

Then there’s Dylann Roof, walking into a Church and killing nine parishioners.

Imagine somebody slapped a Muslim label on him.

And of course, if you ask Black people with sense enough to articulate, the greatest American terrorist group was the devoutly Christian Ku Klux Klan.

So the question becomes, other than it’s ability to sell newspapers and push forth a narrative, why does any religion get exclusively credited (or debited) with causing terrorism?

I was just reading – on a wikipedia page that argues that most mass murders are committed by atheists, by the way – that atheistic communism may have killed as many s 260 million people over the course of the last 100 years.

That, of course, opens the pathway to a slippery slope because we now have to posit the issue of whether or not when a government does it, it is, in fact, terrorism?

Is it genocide?

I mean, isn’t that how what has been done to the American Indian by European colonizers can be described?

And if so, was that done in the name of Christianity or Manifest Destiny?

Atheists, to me, and much like homosexuals, run counter to logic in that while the stereotypes would lead you to imagine that both are completely immoral, often, each live according to sterner codes of ethics than the most devout practitioners of any religion.

Meanwhile, “killing in the name of God” whatever fucking God you’ve got makes about as much sense as choosing hemlock for health food or putting sugar in your gas tank for a “sweeter” ride.

Islam can call itself the religion of peace and the major tenet of Christianity may allegedly be forgiveness, but if the true basis of either of the two religions ain’t love, then what the fuck are either or any of them here for?

So props perhaps to atheists for at least the intellectual honesty in, as Ayn Rand would say, believing “A is A” or calling a thing a thing.

The fact that anybody could be manipulated into believing that any kind of God or Creator Of All Things could require the destruction of some part of that God’s beloved creation as proof of a believer’s allegiance is loonier than taking seven days to stretch forth the heavens and create the earth, man and all the creeping things.

An atheist stands either before or behind all acts as his or her own moral barometer and judgement, if it exists at all, is entirely internal.

He or she also has the integrity not to couch blood lust, homicidal madness or even rank profiteering into some sort of spiritual calling.

I mean Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, as fine a writer as I’ve ever read, took this position on the situation in Russia, “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened”.

Well, they’ve sure as hell remembered Him now.

Because He gets blamed for everything.

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