Putin is Using Turkey to Play Chicken With Trump

Flag map of Turkey, physical outside.

What, has “Allahu akbar!” become the new “Crenshaw muhfuccas!” or whatever it is that ‘gangstas’ allegedly yell out before commencing to machine gun people in drivebys or however else the stereotype goes?

Cause I swear, nothing is more cliche now than “Allahu akbar!”.

You can almost see Putin coaching KGB operatives on the correct pronunciation.

Putin: Nyet zadrota! It’s Allah-u. You gotta make sure you put the ‘u’ in there.

Agent: One question, though Vladdy…

Putin: What’s up?

Agent: Who is u?

And if I were President-elect Trump… Well, first of all, my site would probably be named DonnieTeeindaWhiteHouse.com and I’d also probably have way more subscribers, but this shit would, by now and even to me, be at least starting to look a little suspicious.

I mean, due to the lack of blood pumping through the shirt of the allegedly still bleeding heart of Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov, who was also very allegedly murdered in Turkey by a man who shouted “Allahu akbar!”, there have been more people screaming “False flag” than if Tom Brady had been penalized for roughing the passer.

Now we got this New Year’s eve nut who was first reported to have been wearing a Santa Claus outfit, now we find out was dressed way more like Trayvon Martin, and yet he got the phraseology right and still managed to gun down 39.

And props to Vladimir Putin because if you heard that the richest man in the world was looking for a 72 Buick Electra 225 and you just happened to have the corpse of one rotting away on blocks in your backyard, you’d be a fool to contact dude immediately and sell.

No, if there was a way to get the guy some more money, you’d do that first; meanwhile making your own heap of crap more presentable while coyly dropping hints that you might be able to help said rich man find the object of his desires.

Then, with the Fat Cat’s money and interest both pushing him to the extremes, you unveil your shit, totally redone and with a markup so spectacular that generations will be able to live off the excess of what you’ve overcharged this dude.

Similarly, when Donald Trump said during his campaign that he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the United States, Vladdy had to have said to himself, “Muslims? That’s his boogeyman? Let’s manufacture us some Muslims! Have them kill some people and do some other shit. Let’s also make sure our boy Donnie wins this election. We’ll need a catchphrase for our Muslims, tho. Anybody got anything?”

I’ve said from the beginning that Trump and Putin were the Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues of World Power leaders and while while Vladdy’s interests are clearly putting the old Soviet Union band back together, Trump, whose followers are already claiming is Jesus, think’s he’s “on a mission from God”.

And if it’s also true that to Putin, Joey Stalin was some sort of combination of what James Baldwin and Hunter S. Thompson are to me, then it makes perfect sense that he’d be pissed at Turkey for the way that they handled his boy in both the Montreux Convention and the Potsdam Conference, not only refusing to let Stalin build bases in Turkey, but then siding with the West in the Cold War and all.

So don’t be surprised when Turkey is annexed as a member of the “new” USSR.

Just be shocked at who supplies the tax dollars and the manpower to make it happen.


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