#BLMKidnapping & Other Misleading Hashtags and Ideas

It’s obvious that certain niggas really do believe that all of us either are or should be criminals by the moronic decision they make to put their atrocities on film and then upload those films to social media.

You figure their thinking (if they do any at all) is here is not only evidence that I’m a true member of the tribe, but also and depending on the severity of my infraction, I may warrant consideration as part of the hierarchy.

That said, it makes you wonder why they all look so grim in mugshots.

They should be smiling, their points proven, the ranks joined and now going off to be incarcerated since, as they only committed their acts because they were infractions of the law, they must also believe that law not only exists but is also just and their breaking of it warrants punishment.

So after they’ve flashed those illegal guns or ill-gotten cash or, as in the case of the allegedly though ridiculously termed #BLMKidnapping or Black Lives Matter kidnapping, during which a young lady named Brittany Herring of Chicago and some of her pals supposedly kidnapped a special needs Trump supporter and very obviously and on film tortured, occasionally popped in the head and made him drink toilet water, you wonder why they didn’t, immediately after the filming, march right down to the nearest precinct and turn themselves in.

Brittany and friends have subsequently been arrested.

Now, avoiding the twitching urge to point out that it makes perfect sense that someone “special needs” would be a Trump supporter, let’s instead focus on the act itself.

This whole occurrence was pointless, useless, criminal, stupid and sick.

There was absolutely no justification for it.

It made no sense.

Everyone involved in this lunacy will be given football numbers in prison and they all deserve it.

I could have gone as far as to justify the beating if it was related to something tangible like, say, if the kidnapped boy in question had molested someone’s mother, wife, sister or daughter or if he’d choked or beaten a small child.

And there is the hint that there’s more to the story.

Around the 19 minute mark, Ms. Herring says, “I’m only doing this ’cause of my sister… Got to beating his ass. His ass deserves it, y’all don’t even know what this man did” implying that there’s a reason, beyond the possible Trump support, that this whole scene is taking place.

Still, I could never justify torture.

And like I’ve written before, if this is some kind of justifiable vengeance, then it should have been done in silence and not videotaped.

Have not Black people learned that if they call the police to report that some bearded white man has choked their 7 year-old child that they themselves are liable to get arrested and that if a Trump supporter decks you as you’re being escorted out of a Trump rally, you’ll get the bum’s rush while your assaulter will be free to return to his seat?

Shit, ask Joe Mixon what he’ll do the next time some white chick goes upside his head.

Again tho, non-Blacks on social media suffer from long-term memory loss – look at the hashtag – and forget that historically, it was the Transatlantic Slave Trade, lynching, Civil Rights beatings and murders and the likes of Emmett Till that were far more commonplace.

So when you read shit like:

it forces you to work that much harder to keep your emotions rooted in sympathy for the victim who, no matter what he did, certainly didn’t deserve what he got.

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Dickie Bhee is a self-styled lunatic, a Renaissance showman, a Class A, Grade A buffoon, a nigga that believes in the greatness of Niggerhood a social gadfly and a genuine Man About Town.
Also: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01E7NYMP4

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