Black Twitter’s Response to Yahoo’s Shenanigans Proves When You Try to Play Us, You Play Yourself

Perhaps the main reason I ain’t like 12 Years a Slave is because I ain’t laugh once.

I mean, I know it was slavery, but the whole movie was so dour and depressing, you walked away wondering, how could anyone have survived such an ordeal?

The answer is, no one could have.

Jews claim that their sense of humor sustained them for 5000 years, but if you think for one minute there wasn’t some nigga in the field during our entire 400 years of servitude in this bitch that ain’t throw down his bale and say “Massa, this is some bullshit. I quit!” evoking laughter from everybody including massa, then you must not know too many Black people.

I also, as a practice, doubt very seriously the overwhelming preponderance of coincidences or a prevalence of slipshod editing.

So when some yahoo from the website Yahoo while trying to state quite simply that President-elect wanted to form a “bigger” Navy and somehow – we’re supposed to believe – mistakenly wrote a “n” where the “b” was supposed to be, causing me to see the whole thing as some likely racist unable to resist an opportunity to get in what he or she believes to be an insult, reminding us, as if we ever have an opportunity to forget once we walk outside our own doors, how we’re viewed by almost all of non-Black America and far too much of Black America, Black Twitter responded how it’s likely slaves did when things seemed darkest – hilariously.

And make no mistake; i’m gonna include at the very bottom what I considered to be the very best of the tweets that surfaced under the hashtag #niggernavy.

I must say at first that I was appalled because even though I think that we as a people vocally use the term “nigga” if not far too much for my tastes, then in far too varied company, we almost never use “nigger” as a self-descriptive so it was only after some heavy duty unearthing and getting to the bottom of things that I found out about the Yahoo slight.

And no, I don’t think the Yahoo bozo should be fired.

Let him or her have their moment.

As I’ve been writing, this is a great opportunity for Black America to pull up silent and simply watch while white America does whatever’s next on it’s agenda.

The racist overreaction to the election of Trump returns to them the iconography that they want, but at what price?

A Manchurian Candidate that’ll take his dictates directly from the Kremlin?

An idiot that will heedlessly and endlessly plunge us into war?

A misogynist that will normalize rape culture – even more than it already is for white, college aged boys, your Black ass better not try it – while repealing important legislation like Obamacare just because he wasn’t the one that passed it?

Or a good President; this one being the least likely?

We’ll see.

And that’s all we should do now is be quiet and watch.

You guys wanted to get your hands on the ball again?

Let’s see what you do with it.

Here we are now, entertain us.

And now some #niggernavy:

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