You Heard Jamie Foxx Got Jumped On at a Restaurant, Right? But What DIDN’T You Hear?

Imagine me, Dickie Bhee, fit and sexy, yet deranged for some reason, and imagine I walked up on Robert De Niro or Al Pacino and just jumped on one of them.

I mean, they’re men, so maybe they’d fight back.

But they’re also actors.

In fact, they’re Oscar winners.

Hollywood elite.

That being the case – that and the fact that they’re also white – you can rest assured that the cops would eventually arrive and my ass would be led away in cuffs.

Yet, I just watched the video of a “fight” at some spot in Hollywood called Catch, involving Jamie Foxx and some random (white) jackass and what did I read was the result?

Everybody allegedly involved in the fight got thrown out of the restaurant.

Now, never mind the gall it takes to, as some anonymous drone, walk up to a restaurant table being shared by an Oscar winner and tell him that he and his friends are being too loud.

Let’s just stick to the fact that your boy, after who knows what was said back and forth, felt like he could simply just jump on Jamie and go for his!

And sure, I wanna blame Trump, but at this point, that’s cliche.

A white person’s ability to take offense to Negroes feeling themselves and being demonstrative in their wealth and power and then decide as a lone wolf to go over to where they are and singlehandedly shut that shit down is part of the very fiber of life in America.

And the worst part is, whether we acknowledge it or not, we’re actually conditioned not only to accept this shit, but to expect it.

Be honest; if this isn’t your first time hearing or reading about the story, did you wonder what, other than the fight, happened to the dude that attacked Jamie?

Were you surprised that he wasn’t arrested?

If you were, then you’re rare.

And that same shit could happen to anybody Black, with the possible exception of the Obama family.

If it were LeBron, we’d just have to trust that he had enough muscle to defend himself.

If it were some Black female, that would be interesting but, as we know from three separate incidents involving the police, Black females can’t be women because, as Joe Mixon will now tell us, a man is never, under any circumstances, supposed to hit a woman, and there’s actual video footage of a cop slamming a high school girl while she’s still sitting in her classroom chair, there’s the cops that arrested the mom and sister of the boy that was choked by the white man in Texas, and there’s that famous bikini party incident where the cops went to work on those Black females thus disproving any possible links between Blackness and womanhood.

Still, while some of y’all fume, mad because you realize that America seems to think that it’s Black people’s inherent criminality and not our victimization at the hands of the police that makes us so naturally distrustful and disinterested in any interactions with them.

The rest of y’all started laughing when you read the premise of my blog thinking, shit, Jamie’s lucky the police ain’t come.

If they did, his ass would probably be the one that went to jail.


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